The castrati of the gelded age hate themselves, so you should too

The Beta Male in its natural habitat. No sudden moves, they frighten easily.

In Robert A. Heinlein?s 1964 novel, Farnham?s Freehold, he describes a contemporary white American family suddenly transported to a future run by virulently racist black Muslim slavers. While the hero and heroine fight for their freedom, other characters willingly undergo castration in order to live as pampered slaves. There?s not much subtlety in Heinlein?s message: some people are so weak and fearful that they?ll willingly have their balls cut off to appease their masters.

The website The Good Men Project is the mincing ground of such pathetic eunuchs. In article after article, they willingly bend over and spread their legs for the intersectional knife, and afterwards continue to flagellate themselves for the heinous crime of having been born male and white.

Anyway, I read this article, so you didn?t have to.

97% of mass shooters are men.
If there were a 97% chance of rain, I?d carry an umbrella.
If I had a 97% chance of winning the lottery, I?d buy a ticket.
If 97% of venomous spiders had fuzzy legs, I?d know which ones to avoid.

He?d apply the same logic to global terrorism, modern slavery, rape in Sweden, or crime in the US, but that would be ?racist?.

Now, the male apologists might well be ready to point out that only a tiny minority of men are mass shooters ? But we can?t keep dodging this truth

Except that he does a very good job of dodging the same truth when it comes to issues like Islamic terrorism.

We have a serious problem with toxic masculinity in this country.

Says who? That?s purely his opinion, yet he?s stating it as an unqualified truth.

Most of our planet is steeped in aggressive and entitled attitudes about masculinity. Rape, assault, misogyny, domination? It?s all around the planet.

It?s particularly prevalent in areas dominated by guess which religion and culture?

Campaigns in Australia and the UK have addressed high male suicide rates. On Australia?s Q&A, Josh Thomas discussed this issue: Men have it great, truly, so why are we killing ourselves?

Funny, you?re arguing that all men are privileged, yet they have high suicide rates?

Citing a particularly brainless minor tv comedian is not exactly the greatest exercise in critical thinking, either, fella. Who says men ?have it great?? Disproportionately likely to be unemployed, poorer health outcomes, shorter lifespans, more likely to be killed or assaulted? Doesn?t sound so great to me.

There?s another key, though, that?s equally important to these shootings: The sense of entitlement inherent in white maleness.

Hang on, where did this ?white? come from? Displaying the typical white-hating racism of the modern left, this fellow slides from ?male? to ?white male? without any explanation. And in contradiction of the data, too.

While it?s true that, in absolute numbers, whites make up slightly more than half of all mass shooters, the simple fact is that the overwhelming majority of the U.S. population is white. If the majority of cars on the road are blue, it would be no surprise if blue cars dominated accident statistics. Adjusting for the proportion of population produces a very different picture.

Blacks and Asians are twice as likely to be mass shooters than whites. Latinos slightly less likely. But Muslims are a staggering 12 times more likely to be a mass shooter than whites.

So, let?s talk about ?the sense of entitlement inherent in Islam?, then.

The rest of the article gets worse. Not content with blatantly ignoring statistical facts, he starts blithering about movies as if they?re really real, all the while castigating men for the simple fact of their being male.

The contemporary left seem to be entirely composed of self-flagellating, girly-man, beta males, filled with self-loathing. It’s no surprise that when Buzzfeed tested a group of their male writers, they had the testosterone counts of 80-year-olds.

It?s also no wonder that transgenderism is the dominant ideology of this gelded age, or indeed that transgenderism is overwhelmingly dominated by Bruce Jenner castrati.

These pathetic worms just hate themselves, and they want you to hate yourself too.

The Good Men Project