Changing room nudity

Debate has apparently been sparked over pool changing room etiquette.

An uncomfortable incident in a pool changing shed has sparked debate about how appropriate it is for adults to strip naked in front of children.
Engineer Shabbir Ahmed was at the Lido Aquatic Centre in Palmerston North in February when he saw a child become distressed on seeing a completely naked man in the open changing area.
“The father of the kid put a towel over his face and said ‘don’t look over there’,” Ahmed said.
“It does not leave a positive impact on a child’s brain.”

It?s interesting to note that the debate has been sparked by a casual observer, not the father of the child concerned. This has me wondering how he knew the cause of the child?s distress. Maybe Dad was just trying to get the little tyke dressed and he wasn?t co-operating.? Maybe the observer is just trying to make a mountain out of a wrinkly old butt.

Ahmed said the centre had private changing rooms that adults should use to avoid placing children in potentially vulnerable situations.
People needed to take care around others, Ahmed said.
“I believe we should not expose our genitals to the public, especially when we are in [a] family place.

A long long time ago when I was a child, we did this: got changed in big, wide-open changing rooms at the local pool?? one for males and one for females. Men and boys mixed in together, and women and girls mixed in together. We?ve done this for generations in New Zealand. So, why is this suddenly an issue?

“If you are in a family place where people are from different mindset, from a different culture, from different areas, they may or may not accept that.”

There it is. He is talking about people coming to New Zealand and expecting us to change our way of life to suit the beliefs of people from a different mindset/culture/area.

Why do people come to New Zealand? Presumably for a better life, else why bother? It?s a long trip. And yet, after all that effort, once they get here, they demand that things are made the same as the shit hole they have escaped from.

Adults were mature enough to deal with nudity but children may not be, Ahmed said. [?]

I’ve known plenty of adults who don’t have the maturity to deal with nudity appropriately, but that’s another topic for another day. Children are, by nature, completely open and curious about the human body. Any reaction to nudity is brought about by environmental conditioning; what they are taught by their parents. Teach them to be comfortable with nudity, problem solved.

[?] Massey University senior lecturer in clinical psychology Dr Kirsty Ross said she had not come across research suggesting nudity in changing rooms had negative lasting effects on children. [?]

See?? No evidence it causes harm.

The thing is, this is what we do in New Zealand. Don?t expect us to change our way of life to accommodate your beliefs. If we let this sort of thing slide, our Kiwi freedoms will gradually be eroded.