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George writes an Open Letter to Jacinda Ardern:

Open letter to the Prime Minister:

Ms. Ardern you lied to us. When you originally stated it was Labour’s intention to close charter schools you were met with a substantial backlash from the electorate and even from members within your own political party. This required you to backtrack on your original intentions by suggesting you would revisit this policy and implement some adjustments to the status quo. This was a blatant lie. Your decision to close charter schools either through voluntarily compliance or by force through your administration is a threatening aligned with a communist dictatorship.

One of your manufactured profiles Ardern, is your determination to promote the welfare of our children. You have just robbed thousands of young children and their families the security of their dignity, their pride and the success of their learning, a status that the socialist system failed so miserably to deliver. This is called child abuse. When your ideology takes priority over children’s welfare it can only be a destructive calling. You have chosen this calling and are therefore a signatory to this abuse. Your tears are those shed by crocodiles. How can we ever believe a word you say? How can children trust you with their welfare when your first intervention is to destroy the dreams of so many vulnerable children who have only experienced nightmares within the state system?

Compliant to this intervention is your deputy leader, and it was he alone, not the electorate, who provided you with the mandate to implement this policy. It might be useful for you to remember that, and there is one thing the electorate never forgives, blatant dishonesty. Hipkins didn’t make this decision alone. You are PM, the buck stops with you. How can you sleep at night when only a week ago you were exhibiting support and lavishing praise upon those who had achieved academically within this environment, the very environment you now seem determined to destroy? This hypocrisy and political manipulation of societies most vulnerable children is disgraceful. But it did provided you an with another photo opportunity as you attempted to portray your child friendly persona. Those children must feel so hollow knowing your participation was a political stunt and that they were no more than props on your stage of deceit.