Comment of the Day

George does what the media have failed to do, fact checked Labour’s actions against their promises:

During her address at the CTU annual conference in October last year the PM spoke these words (Post elections):

?I want to deliver a country that gives everyone a shot at achieving their dreams and doesn?t let anyone fall through the cracks?. (Exactly what charter schools are delivering.)

Labour’s twenty-five page manifesto on education included this:
?Our focus has to be on a much more personalised learning experience, one that brings out the best in each and every individual. No two people are built exactly the same so we should stop forcing the education system to treat them as if they are. Placing learners at the centre of the education system with a much greater focus on personalised learning, strong foundations and lifelong learning, the recognition and celebration of diversity, and a focus on learning environments that are culturally and socially responsive? (Exactly what charter schools are delivering.)
Well there are twelve hundred families out there who have been conned and the saddest thing of all, most of these parents would have been Labour supporters. Nowhere in Labour’s Education Manifesto was the closing of charter schools mentioned.

So Labour, how can you explain your decision? Let me do it for you. You are no more than puppets of the PPTA. Jack Boyle, their president, is delirious at the news. Unions 1 ? children 0. Any organisation who has confidence in the merit of their model would have nothing to fear from, what they identify as, weak and ineffectual competition. But it wasn’t weak or ineffectual was it? The union controlled state system was falling short of these parent’s expectations when it came to their most vulnerable children. The Union had to prevent any more damaging exposure of the states short-comings so insisted that the evidence exposing them was terminated, so like the parasites you are you obeyed your financial gravy train. Union bullies never change their spots. But you know that, you are one of them.

The only explanations that Labour have provided for axing Charter schools are based on a foundation of lies and ideological opposition from the unions.

Their dishonesty will soon be revealed once OIAs start hitting the minister for all the advice and evidence to support his decisions.