Crushin’ it

Judith Collins took control yesterday. She was the first to announce and then she’s dominated the media ever since.

Her interview with Corin Dann was superb.

People say that Judith Collins doesn’t appeal to middle NZ, but think about it for a minute: she represents Papakura, the very epitome of middle New Zealand.? ?

She isn’t an urban liberal elite snob.

“People get exactly what they see, so they can trust what I tell them” – Collins answered when asked by Dann; “Some would suggest you can be abrasive, polarising”.

She said PM Ardern put New Zealand’s reputation and relationship with Australia “at risk” over issues like Manus Island.

Collins said US’ new tax policy is “a real risk for NZ”.

“We need to be very agile and very smart.” ?New Zealand can’t be “soft and cuddly”, she said.

Collins described herself as economically centre, and talks to Dann in the interview about her admiration for former British PM Margret Thatcher.

Finally, a politician who speaks plainly… and means what she says.