Dear straight Cam

Guest Post:

Dear straight Cam,

Being a reputable gay man and having helped the so-called gay community in the past, I am becoming profoundly embarrassed about all the ridiculously pathetically absurd “political correctness” you addressed in your ‘alphabet soup’ article, et al akin.

When the now-called gay pride movement started back in the 70s, it was all about recognising that homosexuality was not a medical condition that could be cured; it was about acceptance, normalisation and positive legalisation of same-sex sexual orientation into society.

At a time, well before the internet, shocking display tactics, such as leather and nudism, were valid as a way of ensuring visibility.

It has been almost half a century since then and in many countries, such as NZ, although non-reproductive sexual orientation has now become whatevs and no longer an issue for the majorities, queerness is showing symptoms of a new medical condition.

As you already know a group of ‘feminists’ stepped up on the Pride Parade, voicing their worry about the current Nazi-like hormonal experimentation on immature youth, causing a series of psychological and physical problems for a new generation.

Alas, they failed to state that the originators and supporters of all PC delusions, such as the HRC, are also the ones to blame for NZ mutating into ‘The Transgender Island of Dr Moreau’, or Dr Oliphant to be precise.

Yes, we are all entitled to choose who to be since the day we are born, but we all need time to get to know who we are FIRST. A decision that for most humans takes a good chunk of our lifetime, over and above teenage years and, for some, even as far as post-maturity.

Accelerating and intervening upon such important and most personal decision should be outlawed as an abuse of human rights.

Knowing who we are is a learning process, which includes sexual activity as a crucial part of it.

Enticing, or even allowing, an underage person to make a gender decision before the legal sex age, should be considered sexual abuse.

As for biological gender, intersex (the ‘i’ in our alphabet consommé) is for people who do not fit the standard male/female medical definitions, being a recognised variant of human genetics.

We ought to accept and include the uncommon third gender, but then, maybe some or even all of them will not want, nor care for, people to know about their rather personal thing.

Asking intersex people to declare their bits and pieces would seem to me as intrusive as requiring men to state if they have a micro-penis.

The HRC should physiologically mind their own business and let us citizens perpetrate our own prudishness.

If and when the current fluffy government manages to add a third gender on to the census, then they shouldn’t be disappointed if no one ticks such box. Not due to shame or peer pressure, but because of their right to privacy.

(Then, just as a thought, National ought to introduce the Private Parts Privacy Act to protect us all from HRC’s PC striptease.)

Moving along on to further gaynesses and their parading of it, I am also deeply mortified about them (read us); Alphabet People to be used as window display by manipulating politicians.

One thing is to internationally stage a Mardi Gras for EVERYONE under the REAL rainbow to frock up and milkshake them melons and bananas in frenzy bacchanalia…

… another is to gawk at a parochial troupe of circus freaks lead by a Prime Minister of Ceremonies.

(Here, I can’t help but wonder, if St Cinda’s next forthcoming apparition would be at Santa’s Parade, cradling a baby Jesus.)

Yes, all we QWERTYs should be proud, but because of what we DO and what we have DONE; not because of becoming dressed-up labouring organ monkeys.

Shouldn’t we rather see a technicolor parade of:

  • business people in suits chauffeured in limos
  • the military in mess and gear
  • farmers in trucks
  • scientists lecturing their achievements and
  • sportspeople with trophies etc in a truly proud celebration of homo-achievement?

Rather than a queue of medical mishaps (worthy of a ‘Botched’ all-day marathon) clutching tubs of Crisco to enter a sexually explicit venue.

(There is a time and place for everything. Nothing wrong with “Phil’s Fisting Fest” during a Sex Expo, is there?)

Even with any parade excuse, neither of the teams of old and new Queer Eye would not, nor let anyone, wear a rainbow anything. Why ‘them gays’ owners of ‘the taste’ wear rainbow? Are they ponies or preschoolers?

The fab fashionistas will forgive clowns, NZ Police and National for being rainbow tasteless, assuming they are straight. Hmmm.

Also parading as, there is the Ending HIV ‘prevention’ campaign appropriated by Labour as a #FakeNews promise to the gullible.

It takes almost no brain cells for any human of any gender and orientation to figure out that.

(1) HIV is a virus (the V is the clue)
(2) viruses, although they can be prevented and medically treated, cannot be “ended”.

Even old viruses believed to be eradicated worldwide, have popped up again in recent times, whilst some others have become ‘superbugs’.

How can the page state, “Labour will: help achieve the goal of ending HIV in New Zealand by 2025…”?

Huh? Is Labour going to:
– exterminate all people that already have HIV in NZ?
– ban anybody with HIV from entering NZ?
– deliver a drug that eradicates HIV to the entire world population so that it never recurs again?

Surely, if the best scientists could figure out how to ‘end’ a virus, no human will ever have to suffer a cold.

The AIDS Foundation campaign is about ‘ending’ HIV transmissions, but then, they have been giving away condoms since the 80s for exactly the same purpose and they haven’t ended HIV in NZ. #OldFakeNews #YeahRight

Lastly, let us parade Mr #NotGay NZ.

Honestly, is the internationally recognised, colourful, letter-saver and romanticised word ‘gay’ such a bad offence for him?

I mean, would he rather be:

Mr Faggot, Queer, Poofter, GLMNOP, MuscleMary, Rainbow, Pansy or Fudgepacker… NZ?

C’mon Mr Dood, lighten up, gay is fun, literally.

Thank you again for all your Scrabble articles, Cam.

PS: Apologies indeed for not signing my name herewith but I don’t want to hear anything back from the permanently offended sogiscflakes. Same reason I don’t have FB, Tweet or Insta.

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