Deep State Rising?

The further confirmations of DNC collusion with both internal Federal bureaus and international shady characters, purposely coordinated to undermine the democratic process during the 2016 Presidential Election, have not come to me with any sense of surprise.

Indeed I’m sure?that the readers out there who share?a common?interest in current events and the ability to think critically have long suspected a level of criminality within Washington but have not until recently seen it played out in such a publicly?overt manner.

The release of the second FISA Memo is believed to herald yet more damning information about the supposedly illicit activities funded by the DNC.

The accuracy of this information has of course yet to be measured through any formalised impartial lens, so cannot be proven either way, however this does not prevent people from forming their own judgements, especially when coupled with other ongoing events.

The economic news coming out of the U.S. Stock Market makes for interesting reading in particular. Coming after a relatively long period of record low-interest rates, some correction was to be expected, however, the timing of proposed interest rate changes for this year and recent comments from the outgoing Federal Reserve Bank Chair Janet Yellan may have some rushing for their tin foil conspiracy hats.

Well, I don?t want to say too high. But I do want to say high. Price-earnings ratios are near the high end of their historical ranges. If you look at commercial real estate prices, they are quite high relative to rents. Now, is that a bubble or is it too high? And there it?s very hard to tell. But it is a source of some concern that asset valuations are so high.

Six ‘highs’ in that.

I am by no means an expert in matters of economics, but I do find it odd that an outgoing Chair for the Federal Reserve would not only make a public comment on her opinion on the current financial situation but do so with such swiftness after her departure.

Which brings me to my overall concern regarding what is going on with the battle between the current U.S. Administration and the so-called ?deep state?.

We have witnessed for the past 18 months a growing and evolving propaganda campaign against the duly elected President, wherein everything from his sexual proclivities to his diet has been attacked publicly with the sole intention of eroding the public?s confidence in not only the office of the Executive but also the very systems of democratic governance.

With record low unemployment for the American worker and the lowest unemployment rate ever witnessed for African-Americans, the promises of job growth and a return to economic nationalism from Trump seem to be coming to fruition, further bolstering the belief in his ability to positively influence an economy and pay back the faith placed in him by his core base.

Which brings me to my tinfoil hat question:

Does the level of desperation and immorality from those that wish to regain power have any limits? And would this desire to destroy the Trump agenda, after all other efforts have failed, go so far as to actively sabotage an entire economy in order to re-establish their own political hegemony?

I am, as stated, very much a layman when it comes to economics and the inner workings of power, so could be way off base on this one. I?m also of the mind that one can never attribute cause and effect in such a simplistic manner when discussing an overall economy. However, the timing of these recent events in such quick succession do pose serious questions about the overall motivations of those that wish to remove Trump from office and what they hope to achieve by doing so.