Feminist Fight Club Cannot Be Unseen

May or may not be feminist fight club.

If you?ve ever wondered what a herd of elephant seals going at it on the ice floes while wearing fishnets looks like – and let?s face it, who hasn?t? – then feminist fight club is the feast for the eyes you?ve been waiting for.

Everyone else is warned: Ze goggles do nothing!

This queer femme fight club wants to destroy Britain?s conservative government and bring down the patriarchy.

The group, called Femme Feral, consists of women ? which also includes non-binary people and trans-women ? get together and grapple.

Do I need bother? This stuff just writes itself.

Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, the co-founder, of Femme Feral, describes it as ?a queer femme fighting force?

No, I didn?t make up that name, I swear.

Anyway, for the morbidly curious, and preferably those who aren?t eating while they?re reading this, behold the patriarchy-destroying wonder that is feminist fight club. Britain?s Conservative government must be shaking in their boots.

Although, come to think of it, given the odd proclivities of some Tories, some of them just might be salivating.

Good lord. Just as well those poor, oppressed grid girls have these ? ladies? ? here to protect them from being dressed in demeaning attire.

As Larry Kummer of Fabius Maximus has observed, events like these are merely futile, fun street parties instead of serious political action.

Martin Luther King Jr. and his peers probably would have kicked such people to the curb because they would diminish the political focus and seriousness of the Civil Rights Marches.

The contemporary left is all about striking a pose for the approval of their peers rather than any form of constructive action. The echo-chamber, mob mentality of social media has spilled over into real life. From literally screaming helplessly at the sky, to prancing around dressed as giant vaginas, these clowns just want to be seen; to be validated. They don?t care about the real issues faced by, say, the thousands of young women and girls horribly brutalised by Muslim rape gangs in Britain, the hundreds of millions of girls forced into child marriage, or the tens of thousands murdered in ?honour killings?.

All they want to do is play dress-ups and have lefty slumber-parties.

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