Florida shooting: MSM don’t miss opportunity to attack Trump

Weapons locker in mess Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

US President Donald Trump has called the suspect in the mass school shooting in Florida “mentally disturbed” as he vowed to help local jurisdictions tackle mental health issues, but he made no mention of stricter gun control laws.

That’s because stricter gun control wouldn’t have made a difference.

[…]Trump pledged his administration would help “tackle the difficult issue of mental health” and said the issue of improving safety in schools would be the top priority during a meeting later this month with governors and state attorneys general. Yet Trump made no mention of gun control laws in the aftermath of the third-deadliest school shooting in US history.

The shooter passed the background check and didn’t have a criminal record.

[…]Trump’s suggestion that Cruz, who authorities said used an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, was mentally ill comes amid continued public debate over gun control laws and the mental health care system. The US Congress has not passed major new laws on guns despite an increase in the numbers of people killed in some of the biggest mass shootings.

The Trump White House has not pushed for any new gun laws.

The guy didn’t have a criminal record. He got the weapon legally. What is Trump meant to do? Ban all weapons of the type used? Then the shooter would have used another type of weapon. Maybe not as deadly but still deadly.

But here’s the story the MSM aren’t telling in their never-ending efforts to put the blame on Trump.

40% of the students at the school where the shooting happened are Jewish.

At least four of the 17 students and staff killed were Jewish.

The shooter may have been a member or at least may have?had ties with a white supremacist anti-Semitic group.

A law enforcement official says he knows of “no known ties” between the suspect who confessed to the deadly mass shooting and the white supremacist group.

Even if the shooter’s motive was not anti-Semitism, you can bet that if it was a Muslim school the MSM would be all over the fact that it was a Muslim school. The MSM could then blame the shooting on Trump fanning the flames of “Islamophobia” as well as gun control and the NRA.