Four unanswered questions and one response

A few weeks ago I sent out a number of emails to a select group of politicians. They were, in no particular order: Phil Goff; Golriz Ghahraman; Julie Anne Genter; Trevor Mallard; and Grant Robertson.

In these emails, I asked some pretty basic and direct questions.

I have since received only one response.


To The Honourable Golriz Ghahraman I wrote:

Hi Golriz,

I just have a quick question regarding your recent attendance at the Anti-Bases protest over in Waihopai last weekend:

Did you use Crown expenses to travel to and from this event?

Thank you for your time in this matter.


As yet no response has been forthcoming.

To the Honourable Trevor Mallard I wrote:

Dear Trevor,

I?ve recently noticed that you decided to remove references to Jesus Christ from the Prayer in Parliament. Is this true?

If so, I am wondering what it is specifically about the teachings of Jesus Christ that you find problematic?

Or is this simply a case of extending secular principles into our systems of governance?

Thank you for your time in my inquiry.

I look forward to hearing back from you in due course.


As yet no response has been forthcoming.


I wrote an email to Grant Robertson but do not have a copy of it due to only being able to contact him through a closed communication method on his website. But basically, the guts of my query was asking him if he saw any correlation between recent government policy and the surge of demand for rental properties in Wellington.


As yet no response has been forthcoming.


I wrote an email to Julie Anne Genter who again?I was also only able to contact through her website and therefore do not have a copy of my query. It was a very simple question however which was: How many passports do you currently hold?


As yet no response has been forthcoming.


Finally, I wrote to Phil Goff:

Dear Phil,

Why are Auckland ratepayers putting money towards funding a fisting event?


I imagine that there must have been an enormous surge of traffic being directed through Phil?s orifice?office on this topic as I received an automatic response within 24 hours which read:

On behalf of Mayor Phil Goff, thank you for your email.

Everything the Mayor receives is read and considered. However, due to the volume of mail received, we are not always able to respond to correspondence which simply provides advice or is copied to the Mayor for his information. Therefore, please consider this email as acknowledgment of receipt of your correspondence.

If a response is required, we will reply as soon as possible.


This email was followed fairly swiftly by the following:

Good afternoon

Your message to Mayor Phil Goff has been received and passed on to Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) to respond to.

Thank you for your views regarding the purported use of ratepayer funding to support Kiwifist in the 2018 Auckland Pride Festival.

I can confirm that ATEED has not provided sponsorship to this event.

ATEED ? on behalf of Auckland Council as part of the Major Events Portfolio investment ? has only provided sponsorship to the Auckland Pride Parade.

The contract between ATEED and the Pride Festival organising committee is clear that ATEED?s sponsorship relates only to the Auckland Pride Parade. As such, ATEED does not have the ability to influence the wider festival programming as it falls outside the scope of the agreement.

I hope this clarifies the true situation about ATEED?s investment in the Auckland Pride Parade and has made it clear there was no sponsorship of other events associated with the wider festival.


If my questions could have been construed in any way as being rude or overly confrontational, then I could understand the noticeable lack of response.

This is possibly an indication of this current Government’s overall attitude to any questioning of their policies and the apparent arrogance they demonstrate in not even acknowledging the receipt of questions from the general public.