George’s open letter to the National party

George writes:

Open letter to the National party:

Enough is enough. The National party have to make the right choice. The nation is confronted with a coalition government that is unable to govern responsibly and is led by an immature poser who, on a daily basis, is increasingly becoming a greater embarrassment. National need a leader who can represent the virtues of a high-powered vacuum cleaner and suck up the fluff that is choking us, and confine it to the trash can where it belongs. There is only one vacuum cleaner on the market that can do that and it is brand ?Collins?.??

What is so important to remember is that if your choice is not the choice of your supporters, there will be consequences. The Labour party didn’t listen to their electorate, but to their unions, and ended up with six different leaders in nine years. Don’t make that same mistake. The other candidates may have credentials you admire but so what? If your objective is to expose the ineptitude of this government and provide a strong alternative option for 2020, then I’m telling you now, it won’t happen without Collins’ leadership. You better listen up.

There is huge support amongst the electorate for Collins. When you cast your vote and you identify that you didn?t listen to the groundswell of your supporters and voted for an alternative, then kiss much of your personal support goodbye. You’re in parliament because we put you there and we can just as easily remove you. Government is not about you, it is about us and the power is in our hands. National is our party of choice. Collins is exactly the right person in the right place at the right time. Take advantage of that.

This communication may sound abrasive but it is delivered with the best of intentions. We want National in power come 2020 and if that occurs then we are all winners. Please, don?t let us down. To think that any other option would provide us with that result is the height of ignorance. If ever National needed an experienced, challenging and courageous leader, it is now. Middle NZ is sick of beige politicians trying to be everything for every one.

You are the National party for heaven’s sake. You are supposed to represent progression devoid of socialism. Give us a reason to get up in the morning and not having to read relentless Ardern trivia. What we want to see is a headline: ?Ardern flees chambers in tears after Collins’ attack?, or ?Vacuum Collins on high revs as fluff is vanquished from NZ politics?. NZ is sick to the back teeth of gluten-free vegan politics. We want lashings of pork belly supplied by a non-halal, self-employed butcher. We want a colourful no-nonsense leader and there she is, right beside you.

And so say many of us.