The Green party have little to do with caring about the environment

The NZ Green Party are only green on the outside.

It may seem an extraordinary statement to make but I sincerely think that actions speak louder than words and that the Green Party truly are a watermelon; Green on the outside and red on the inside.

The current co-leader competition is yet another example illustrating that the Greens value activists who agitate for social issues far more than they value MPs who are all about conservation and the environment.??

fraud metiria turei

The last co-leader Metiria?Turei was all about agitating for beneficiaries. With the heart of a true Marxist activist she even proudly admitted to stealing from the taxpayer when she was a beneficiary.

Disgusted at her attitude and her fraud, two conservationist Greens who were long-term members of the party protested and when their protests were ignored they both resigned.

Instead of listening to the Green heart of their party, activist Turei was put first. It wasn’t until the percentage points dropped dangerously low that she finally fell on her sword. When one of the Green members who had resigned then asked to come back the party rejected his request?even though he had been proven right about?Turei. Despite damage to the party being her legacy, the Green party seem determined to replace one Marxist?activist with another.

Green MP Marama Davidson has confirmed she will stand for the party’s female co-leader role.

She will compete for the role vacated by former MP Metiria Turei.

[…] Davidson said: “New Zealanders want their government to reflect our values of compassion and care for the environment because progressive values, green values, are New Zealand values.”

By progressive values she means things like activism against Israel. By progressive values she means aligning herself with hard left BDS activists like Justine Sachs. When I see the name Marama Davidson it never brings to mind the environment or caring about clean rivers. It immediately?makes me think of her illegally?trying to break the Gaza blockade, which is there to prevent weapons being supplied to the terror group Hamas.

Green list MP and co-leader wanna be Marama Davidson, hugs immigrant from South Africa, BDS activist Justine Sachs, demonstrating that she is ignorant of Whaleoil’s third rule of politics.

[…] Considered the front runner to succeed Turei, Davidson is thought likely to face competition for the role from Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage and Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter.

Green Party Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage

Shouldn’t the Conservation Minister be the epitome of Green Party values? Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage will bring the Green Party back to its ideological roots but Marama Davidson will simply confirm that the Party have become nothing more than a party of Marxist activists pretending to be Green.

Davidson’s Maori ancestry and location within the more-activist wing of the party are considered strengths that make her seem a natural heir to Turei.

How incredibly racist. They want to replace a Maori with a Maori and an activist with an activist. I don’t know why Sage and Genter are even bothering. They will be discriminated against for the crime of having white skin. If it was the other way around there would be outrage.

These characteristics may make her attractive to party delegates, representing branches, as a counter-weight to the suiting-wearing Minister for Climate Change Shaw.[…]

The Media Party have made it very clear whom they want to get the job. Marama Davidson is the Media’s pick.

-NZ Herald