The Human Rights Commission, or the anti-human rights commission

By Robin Grieve

The Human Rights Commission released a statement about Sir Bob Jones? NBR article saying, ?We welcome the NBR’s decision to remove Sir Bob Jones’ article. Sir Bob Jones and those outlets that choose to publish this kind of rhetoric need to be prepared for the public backlash and condemnation they provoke and deserve.?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! One of their own Commissioners, Dr Jackie Blue, when commenting on the passing of the first reading of the Domestic Violence Victim?s Protection Bill last year, said ?domestic violence was tied tightly to inequality because it was the effect of men having greater power over women.???

“Violence of any form, physical, financial, emotional is a way of controlling women and keeping them in their place,” she said.

Dr Blue?s rhetoric, on behalf of the Human Rights Commission, is degrading and insulting to all men. It is also not satirical and so is worse than anything Jones said.

Apart from the Commission?s hypocrisy, Blue?s statement undermines the principles of the Human Rights Act that she is supposed to be upholding. Her identity politics disregard the right of every New Zealander to be treated as an individual and respected and regarded according to their own actions, and not the actions of others who belong to the same grouping others may assign to them.

Domestic violence is a crime like any other in the sense there is a perpetrator and a victim. Dr Blue thinks of those who commit domestic violence, not as individual perpetrators of violence, but as men.

To her and her ilk, the individual identity of the perpetrator of the crime is not important: their gender grouping is. The problem according to them is not these individual scumbags: it is men keeping women in their place.

Blue was not the only man-hater to get in on the action that day. Amy Adams, who was a minister at the time, said, ?If you want to know when the women of New Zealand will be safe, it will be when the men of New Zealand respect them and stop beating them.? Ignoring the facts that some women commit domestic violence crime and most women are safe, Adam?s attack is unwarranted, sexist and insulting to the vast majority of men who do not commit crime. It is also demeaning to women who do not see themselves as victims.

The statements of Adams and Blue are not untypical these days. They are rooted in identity politics, which is ever increasing and has as its philosophy the presumption that group identity is paramount. It does not matter who you are as an individual, it only matters who you are in terms of your group identity.

This is the same philosophy that drove Hitler as he persecuted the Jews, Mao as he murdered millions and is the same philosophy that underpins most left-wing politics. They attribute to the individual of a community the attributes of that community as if the group was homogenous.

Everyone from the PM down seems to have an opinion on what Maori want, for example, but none of them have stopped to think about what they are saying. If they did they would realise there is no such thing as ?Maori?: there are only Maori people, and they are as individual in their wants and desires as any other group and deserve to be respected as such.

It is as ludicrous to say ?Maori want?? as it is to say ?European New Zealanders want?? There is nothing that all Maori people want, or all European people want, or all women want, or all men want. We are all individuals and deserve to be respected as such.

Those who claim to speak for women or for Maori or gay people, or any group, insult the individuals within that group by presuming they identify as a member of that group in exactly the same way, and more so than they do as an individual. The Human Rights Commission and Jackie Blue and Amy Adams and their ilk who practice identity politics are perhaps just stupid, but if they are not, they are practitioners of evil. The philosophy that drives their utterances is the same philosophy that has led to the persecution of millions of people, it is a way of thinking with ancient roots in human tribal history, and it is an ugly mindset that lies behind such obscenities as collective punishment, clan feuding and apartheid.

The highest order of human rights is that of an individual to be who they want to be and to act as they wish within the rule of law. That is all the Human Rights Commission should concern itself with. The left-wing dogma of identity politics peddled by the Human Rights Commission undermines our individual rights and ironically creates the sexism, racism and persecution it thinks it is protecting us from.