Jimmy Kimmel is the avatar of leftist arrogance

Yes – this fellow considers himself an intellectual giant. (Getty Images)

The Western left has always been veined with a thick seam of arrogant conceit. Miserable snob Virginia Woolf and her chums constantly grumbled about how awful the working-classes were, while George Bernard Shaw wanted ?lower? types outright exterminated. Orwell recognised these snobs for what they were: ?that dreary tribe of ? prigs?.

Contemporary leftists are near as bad. Julie Birchill writes that, ?the white English working class is now the only group of people that the chattering classes are happy to hear mocked and attacked?. Charles Murray agrees: ?the new upper-class holds ordinary Americans in contempt. Disdain. And they?re not even hiding it any more?.

TV host Jimmy Kimmel is upholding the not-so-grand leftist tradition of arrogant condescension.

Kimmel proceeded to explain that all late night hosts are on the Left thanks to their vast intellect

?This raises a few questions,? as Ben Shapiro drily notes. First of all, Kimmel is hardly notable for his intellectual achievements: he dropped out of two universities, but was eventually given an every-child-gets-a-prize an honorary degree by one of his alma maters, after he became famous. In any case, as Shapiro says:

when one thinks of positions that require serious intelligence, late night host usually doesn?t make the list. Kimmel literally reads lines written for him by others; his intellectual credentials stretch all the way back to being a sidekick on “Kevin and Bean” on KROQ in Los Angeles

But, hey, he can weep on cue. That has to count for something, right?

Furthermore, Kimmel?s claim has some disturbing implications for groups on the left?s victim-totem-pole.

all of the late night hosts are straight white males. Presumably, Kimmel doesn?t think that the requirement for intelligence excludes those who are non-straight, non-white, and non-male.

And what of late night hosts who aren?t gibbering, lip-quivering ?liberals??

the dean of late night hosts is Jay Leno, a Republican; does that mean he?s dumb? If so, Kimmel will have to explain how Leno dominated late night for so many years.

But the reason Kimmel, and so many of his leftist fellow-travellers, have such an inflated opinion of their prowess is because they are so insular. Leftism, especially today, is a circle-jerk of parochial group-think. These people literally run and hide from anyone who holds differing opinions. They refuse to talk to anyone outside their echo-chamber apart from screaming epithets at them.

Kimmel?s taking his newfound role as pope of the Leftist church rather seriously these days. But despite his rather self-aggrandizing perspective on his own brains, he?s no political authority, let alone an authority on smarts. If he were, perhaps he’d talk to somebody who isn’t busily feeling his pants, either literally or figuratively.

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