That is just totally gay

If you thought electric vehicles were gay, I’ve found something even gayer.

Inspector Tracy Phillips and reporter Lucas de Jong did the honours in Hamilton, unveiling the car with its special rainbow livery, live on air. Sitting in the car was a diversity relationship volunteer.

The Rainbow car has been created to mark New Zealand Police’s commitment to diversity and to acknowledge the important relationship between police and New Zealand’s Rainbow community.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush says the Rainbow car is a visible representation of the police value of diversity.

“As an organisation we look to encourage staff to ‘use who they are’ not ‘lose who they are’ when becoming a police officer.”

“Therefore it’s important to encourage staff to show pride in the communities they represent,” he says.

“We are a diverse organisation and I am proud of the work we’ve done over recent years to build relationships with the LGBTIQ+ community.

“I also encourage members of the LGBTIQ+ community to join us as future police recruits as part of our current recruitment drive,” Mr Bush said.

Oh FFS, that is just totally gay. What a complete waste of precious Police resources. It is just virtue signalling in the extreme. What the hell is a “diversity relationship volunteer.”? Sounds like a prostitute that gets handed around to whoever. Very diverse. Will do whatever you want.

Uniformed Police staff will accompany the Rainbow car at the Auckland Pride Parade on Saturday February 17.

Commissioner Bush will also march in the parade, along with four members of the Police Executive, Deputy Commissioner National Operations, Mike Clement, Deputy Commissioner Resources, Audrey Sonerson, Deputy Chief Executive People, Kaye Ryan and Deputy Chief Executive Public Affairs, Karen Jones

The Rainbow car follows police’s Te Reo Pirihimana car, which was designed to support Maori Language Week.

The Rainbow car isn’t a permanent addition to the police fleet, as the livery is removable.

The car will be returned to circulation with standard police livery after the Auckland and Wellington Pride Parades.

It is completely dumb, mainly because everyone knows that pigs are pink. The car should have been pink. It makes about as much sense as a big gay rainbow car.