A letter from Bob Jones

Yesterday I received a letter from Sir Robert Jones.

12 February 2018

Cameron Slater

Dear Cam,

A note of appreciation for your support.

We?re snowed under with hundreds of letters pouring in. People are plainly highly pissed off about this woman.

What odds down the line I?m accused of bullying a young solo mum who, I?m judging by her TV appearances, is plainly not too bright?

Forgotten will be the ?vile racist? and ?hate speech? slurs over an utterly innocuous item indeed, a campaign to engender hatred of me. But forgotten by the public, not me.

I don?t turn the other cheek and if I have any particular standout characteristic, then that?s patience. My turn will come in the cold factual courtroom.

Kind regards,
Bob Jones

In related matters, his email that enclosed the letter also said:

On a different note I will contribute you items; as things take my fancy, in the style of the NBR stuff. Think of a title such as ?Thoughts from Bob? or ?Bob?s Corner? whatever.

We?ll give ?me? a rest from the current hullabaloo and I?ll send some next week.

So, dear readers, we now have a new columnist for INCITE. I trust you will all enjoy the musing of Bob Jones, I know I will enjoy publishing them.