Looks like the average Seppo agrees with Trump’s shithole comments

It looks like the average Seppo agrees with Trump’s shithole comments and isn’t listening to the media narrative any longer.

His poll ratings are improving:

President Trump?s approval rating has reached its highest mark in seven months of Quinnipiac University polling, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The new poll, conducted Feb. 2-5, found 40 percent of American voters approve of Trump?s job performance, while 55 percent disapprove.

Trump last had a 40 percent approval rating in a Quinnipiac poll in late June.

The latest ratings came following Trump?s first State of the Union speech in which he touted the economy?s performance during his first year and addressed?his goals?for immigration reform.

The polling took place prior to a?sharp drop?in the Dow Jones industrial average on Friday and Monday.

Trump still gets largely negative marks for his handling of key issues, the Quinnipiac poll found. Only 37 percent of American voters approve of his handling of foreign policy, and 32 percent approve of his handling of classified immigration.

Trump got his highest marks on his handling of the economy. Fifty-one?percent approve of his handling of the issue and 43 percent disapprove.?

Trump?s approval ratings have improved in other recent polls as well, though his overall ratings remain well below 50 percent.

A Monmouth University poll?conducted late last month?reported that Trump?s approval rating climbed 10 points in a month, to 42 percent.

Last week?s?Gallup poll?found Trump?s approval rating rose to 40 percent, an increase of 4 percentage points compared to mid-January.

The media are really struggling now as each and every hit job they perform on Trump fails or is proven wrong. The very things they accused Trump of were being done by the Democrats, in reality.


-The Hill