Media mocks Bridges, his campaign is rooted from the get-go

Simon Bridges stuffed up the launch of his leadership bid with a hopeless, self-aggrandising speech where he referred to himself in the third person.

The media just mocked him. Unprofessional though that is, it is still telling.

Claire Trevett also noticed the third-person references.

What a muppet. Dead set useless.

He clearly didn’t practise his lines, especially his lines about Amy Adams. It is hilarious because he is busily arguing with her behind the scenes over who should be leader.

He spent all summer campaigning for leader and this was his best effort? He should have had that speech rehearsed for years, but didn’t.

He didn’t have professionals advising him, and didn’t do any of the right kind of work over the summer.

Basically, he’s an amateur who appears insincere, unauthentic and still channelling a mini-me version of John Key.