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The mugs & amateurs known as Bill English’s successor

Leadership elections in National are simple. You need half of caucus plus one to vote for you to win. This is a scenario you can plan for many, many years in advance, even if you do not know the exact timing for the leadership election. Timing does not matter much, campaigning over a long period of time does.

Before the first caucus meeting of the year there was chatter that Bill may be rolled. This quickly turned to Bill would not be rolled and no one was challenging him . . .

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Simon Lusk

Simon has had an interest in campaigning since the 1980 Presidential Campaign, and has followed campaigns closely since then. His first campaign was getting a 4th former successfully elected to a school Board of Trustees. He was harassed by people who thought it should have been a 7th former and learned that campaigners need thick skins.   In 2000 & 2001 Simon completed a Master of Arts in Politics through Otago University, with Prof Bob Catley, a former ALP Member of Parliament, as his supervisor. Bob’s direct approach to campaigns taught Simon a huge amount about professionalism, staying focused and winning. Simon has been involved in a large number of campaigns for selection, general elections, local body elections, ending monopolies and opposing public projects. He does not comment on specific campaigns other than to use anecdotes to illustrate points. Simon works with a small number of campaign professionals and outsources work where others have a superior skill set in specific areas.

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