We need Trump’s gumption

Trump bashing was invented by the media. Apparently, it’s a fun thing to do and not restricted to the news.  Snide insults about Trump pollute anything from fishing to breakfast shows.  Forget being informative, the media has reached new lows in sharing its opinions which are neither accurate nor original.  

Trump’s state of the nation speech this week evoked an unexpected compliment from a media correspondent in New York, albeit grudgingly said through pursed lips and immediately followed by an insult.  She should be more careful, all that pursing is making ageing little wrinkles around her mouth.

Such is the attitude of mainstream media. Their minds were made up before Trump was even sworn in.  A conservative right-wing politician was always going to be a big target. 

The media are easily threatened, and so far left that when they walk it’s in circles.  This explains why they stand still most of the time, it stops them from getting dizzy.

The media are judge, jury and adjudicator all rolled into one.  They are biased beyond belief and totally predictable.  They’d never get away with their insults if Trump was standing right in front of them because he’d eat them for breakfast. He’s not phased by their lies or rebuffs.  He’s a man on a mission with far more important things on his mind.

We could really use some of Trump’s gumption in our politicians.  If we’d had even a thimble full, the 2017 election would have had a completely different outcome.  Bye bye Winnie, bye bye Greens.

The departure of Teflon John left the National party floundering and directionless, supposedly in a safe pair of hands.  But as a nation, we have never been more divided and a safe pair of safe hands didn’t cut it.

We need a fearless visionary, someone not bothered by politicians with pathetically insignificant agendas and a persistently useless media.  We need someone who will steer through choppy seas with courage and a commitment to achieving goals of substance.

Our goals need to be fundamental and simply written.  We have to go back to basics like treating people equally, uniting New Zealanders (rather than dividing them); setting diverse economic goals (and putting in place strategies to achieve them); protecting the interests of all New Zealanders (not just special groups or the poor or the wealthy); not tolerating lawlessness and protecting the vulnerable.  These are fundamentals that have all but disappeared.

It will require a courageous visionary to steer us back.  Someone with Trump’s gumption.

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Suze aka Sue Sangster is an avid reader, writer and aspiring novelist with a green thumb.