New Zealand will be next

Onehunga War Memorial Pool

The left promotes diversity at the same time as supporting segregation for their favourite minority groups. If we are to be accepting?of each other as an inclusive?society and become one people as New Zealanders or Australians then we must strongly reject any attempts to segregate us using identity politics.


First it was Auburn Pool in Western Sydney with its Female-Only swimming to appease Islamic Sharia Law.

Just like here in New Zealand as exposed by Whaleoil last year.

Now the Green-Left Darebin Council in inner-Melbourne has created Transgender-Only swimming.

There is no valid reason why transgender people should not swim with everyone else as they are members of the public just like everyone else. The pool is a public pool. They are not segregated at school or at work or in other public spaces like the library so why should they set themselves apart from everyone else at a public pool? This is nasty identity politics yet again dividing a community that should be inclusive, not exclusive.

These public facilities should always be open to all the public, regardless of race, gender and sexuality. Public swimming pools have been one of the great accessible, egalitarian institutions of our country.

It’s tragic to see the Green-Left destroying this tradition and dividing Australians away from each other.For the ratepayers who fund these pools, they should never be locked out because they have the wrong religion or sexuality.

-Mark Latham’s Outsiders

So how are they trying to justify the segregation? It turns out that they want a ‘safe space’ because even though they function out in public, in the workplace, in schools and in other public areas like beaches, parks and libraries they need to have their very own exclusive, segregated ‘safe space’ when it comes to swimming in a publicly funded pool.

The funny thing is that if the majority of people who are not transgender asked for a ‘safe space’ so that they could swim in segregated safety away from those who are transgender, they would be accused of being hateful. Despite that anomaly, the council have allowed transgender people to effectively treat all Australians in their community who are not transgender as a threat to their safety.

A Melbourne city council has organised a trans-friendly swim night after hearing concerns from transgender residents.

‘Trans-friendly’ is a weasel word for hostile to anyone who is not transgender.

Greens-led Darebin City Council, which made headlines in 2017 for?scrapping Australia Day, is opening a swim centre for a trans-only swim night at the Reservoir Leisure Centre on Saturday. Anyone who identifies as transgender will be allowed in along with their children.

I do hope that anyone who wants to swim that night turns up and tells anyone who tried to stop them that they ‘identify’ as transgender. Left-wing identity politics should always be used against those who promote it.

A council spokesman said it was in “similar ilk” to other events it has hosted in the past for religious and cultural groups.[…]

A Facebook event page for the swim night says it’s “Victoria’s first ever Trans and Gender diverse swim night, providing indoor pools where trans and gender diverse people can exercise, socialise and feel safe”.

It is not diverse it is segregation and it enforces the notion that non-transgender people are a??physical?threat to transgender people’s safety.

“So, come along to be a part of something truly wonderful in a safe place amongst like-minded individuals,” it reads.

[…] Darebin City Councillor Steph Amir shared concerns the LGBTQI community had ahead of the event on Twitter and cited them as reasons why council needed to hold the event.

Among the concerns were that many transgender people don’t go to swimming pools and gyms “out of fear”.

Did segregation of Blacks in America make White people more or less fearful of them? Segregation promotes distrust between different groups it does not promote harmony and acceptance.

Research fellow Gideon Rozner from right-wing think tank the Institute of Public Affairs told Yahoo7 “activist councils like Darebin should spend less time focusing on identity politics and more time on the core business of local government”.

“Council amenities like swimming pools should be open to all ratepayers, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion,” he said.[…]