No democracy for education

Why does Labour insist on democracy being everywhere except in education?

They want Maori wards to push democracy for Maori because they want Maori to have more control.

They want to ‘bring back democracy’ to Environment Canterbury and have campaigned for years to bring back the board that National sacked for being useless because they want the board to regain control.

Under Helen Clark, Labour introduced elected Health boards to give the public a voice. They wanted the public to have some control.

But when it comes to education…

Credit: Luke

Chris Hipkins is planning on taking a wrecking ball to Tomorrow’s schools to wrest control from the schools, their boards and families and students and hand it over to the unions.

It was one thing to ‘terminate’ Charter school’s and their mainly Maori and Pasifika students but to?take the control and democracy away from every single State school is another level of crazy altogether. In fact, one might even call it Stalinist.