No respect for the truth

Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman

Guest Post:

Our lazy-eyed lawyer Golriz Ghahraman has news for you kaffirs about the ‘Real Islam’ and what a deep, sophisticated and respectful culture it is.

‘Not a Muslim? then don’t make assumptions about Islamic culture.’ 

Nothing warms my heart more than a foreign interloper lecturing the country that she begged to be let into about how to behave.

‘Whether or not we agree with these rules, whether they are paternalistic or unduly restrictive and need ‘modernising’, is a question for practicing Muslims.’

– Golriz Ghahraman

I love this idea actually. Can we use the same dismissive attitude towards, for instance, ingrate third-world refugees trying to tell Western people how to run their countries? Asking for a friend.

Yet, what this dim bulb does not seem to grasp is that this is a question for us because our governments insist on bringing this dysfunctional religion, en masse, into our homelands. And, not just bring it into our homelands, but they also give this religion the opportunity to harass, beat, rape and murder us while we are forced to subsidise it with taxpayer benefits.

So sweetcakes, not only can we question Islam, we have a duty to because it is being rammed down our throats without any regard to whether the people who built the country want it or not. Since we are paying the bills, we get to decide whether we like the product. And, so far, the product sucks.

The mascara Marxist bleats on:

‘It is not open to those of us outside that culture to interpret these rules beyond their intent in Islam.’

Let’s provide some interpretation of this beautiful religion through the eyes of an unsophisticated Westerner.


The Muslim who ran over this European girl touched her with a truck bumper. That is permissible as no hands were involved.



This woman is about to blow herself up in the name of Islam. This is also fine as long as males avert their gaze as the body parts are flying.



These rapes of British girls by Muslim men were done without shaking the hands of their victims. Therefore, this is a sign of respect and no additional comment is permitted by the non-believers.

PHOTO: Golriz was part of the team that defended singer and songwriter Bikindi who was accused and later convicted of inciting genocide.

Unless you’ve taken your photo with someone that incited others to murder with a machete, you have no business commenting.

For someone who supposedly fled a Muslim regime out of fear, Golriz sure goes to bat to defend this crazy religion whenever she can. She goes so far as wanting to make sure as much of this backwards religion is brought into Western countries as she possibly can via refugee resettlement. A more transparent agenda couldn’t be had. But, considering the IQ level we’re dealing with here, sophistication is not exactly her strong suit.

Islan decision meme

The problem with her argument, of course, is that when you visit another country you adapt to their culture, not the other way around. When I go to Japan, I bow. When Japanese come here, they shake hands. See how that works? The Japanese do this because they have a respectful culture. Islam demands people always conform to it wherever it goes, which is not respectful. That’s the critical point.

When third-world ingrates beg to be let into a Western country they demand that the Western country adapts to their third-world ways soon after they arrive. The spiral to a shithole utopian multicultural paradise then begins.

Yet, this idea of not shaking hands out of respect is a total lie. It only applies to Muslims. Non-believers are treated like dogs. The influx of Muslim migrants into Europe has created a massive spike in rapes and other serious crimes. Where is this supposed respect? We’ll have to get Golriz to interpret this wave of rapes and terror for us because, as a non-Muslim, the issue is above my meagre understanding.

I have to wonder about the lies her parents told to get into New Zealand as, apparently, Golriz seems quite fond of defending her homeland. Her parents could have picked any number of secular Muslim countries to go to (they did stop in Malaysia on their way here). Yet, they chose this backwards, unsophisticated Western nation on the other side of the planet with generous welfare benefits. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Now we see the result of being nice and why being nice doesn’t work. Golriz shows a total contempt and disrespect for the country dumb enough to have let her and her clan in. In my opinion, her actions so far show that she hates the people who built our country and wants to make sure we are punished. Her weapon of choice is third-world immigration and lecturing everyone when people complain. Golriz and the multiculti left hate your guts, which is why they can live in a world of full of contradictions.

“I am fleeing from Islam, you must let me in!”

“Islam is respectful and you should not criticize it.”

“I am for women’s rights.”

“It is OK for Islam to disrespect Western women.”

It’s lie, upon lie, upon lie.

These are not contradictions at all when you put them in context of the goal of punishing Western countries. Then, all of these supposedly disjointed thoughts make perfect sense. They are all wrapped around the idea of deconstructing our culture and way of life and turning it into the same shithole that Golriz defends as a dim-witted lawyer.

We are suckers for taking these ungrateful rats in. I do hope we can return the favour one day of returning Golriz and the rest of her associates who slithered in back to their own culture. There they can interpret the beauty of Islam far away from us backwards folks whom they despise.


By Jack Remarkable

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