Oh the irony: Government to crack down on foreign ‘volunteers’

Without a hint of irony the government is set to crack down on foreign ‘volunteers’:

Sally comments:

This is got to be one of the funniest thing this government said they will do.
#slavegate #labourinterns #hypocrites.

Malcolm adds:

I wonder if Labours volunteer interns have all gone home, at their own expense or have sort refugee status as life here under the COL will be preferable than life under that evil Donald Trump.

The joke being that America appears to be surging ahead whilst we are sliding back to socialism.

RadioNZ has a text version of the story that starts off just as hilariously as the headline:

The government is cracking down on backpacker hostels routinely using foreign tourists as free labour, in what unions say is in blatant disregard for the law.

In exchange for accommodation foreign “volunteers” vacuum, clean, make up beds, and work in reception.

Unite union national secretary Gerard Hehir said there were no employment contracts, noone paid tax nor ACC, and the practice penalised other accommodation providers employing people legally.

“You can have two businesses side by side, and if one has “volunteers” doing the cleaning, and they are not paying tax, their costs will be substantially lower. The hostel next door, trying to do the right thing, maybe even trying to pay a living wage, is under extreme pressure because their costs are much higher.”

And where was Mr Hehir when his former boss Matt McCarten was exploiting foreign ‘volunteers’ so they could work for the Labour party? Nowhere to be seen and as silent as mute.

The rank hypocrisy of this government is evident already.


-RadioNZ, WOBH