Who is our Prime Minister: Jacinda or Winston?

I spotted these two things and both made me do a double take.

Jacinda Ardern is supposedly our PM but this tweet and political cartoon hint that Winston is the power behind the throne, or is at least the leader Julie Bishop prefers to deal with.


How interesting that Julie Bishop, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Leader of the Australian Liberal party, would include Winston Peters in her tweet when the photo was of her and our Prime Minister. Does she know something about the future that we don’t?

Why is Julie paired with Winston in this cartoon instead of Jacinda?

Not that long ago the NZ Labour party?upset Julie Bishop?after Chris Hipkins shivved Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce on behalf of his friends at the Australian Labor party.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has indicated she would not be comfortable working with a future New Zealand Labour government after it was accused of digging dirt on Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce.

Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce may be forced to resign after New Zealand government officials found that he is in fact a New Zealand citizen, as his father was born here.

It?is not surprising then that Julia Bishop might feel more comfortable dealing with Winston Peters rather than Jacinda Ardern?given recent history? In fact, a NZ First Prime Minister of the coalition government may well help improve relations with Australia given the appalling job Ardern has done so far, upsetting them with her repeated demands to take the Manus island “refugees”.