Shameful protest history of two Green MPs revealed

I was searching for some photos of Golly G to create a fabulous new Meme with the slogan “Won’t defend intelligence service. Will defend war criminals,” when I came across the below image. Intrigued as to why Golriz Ghahraman was linked to Antifa New Zealand (* a spoof Antifa page) I had a look at the website it was originally from and it made VERY, interesting reading.

It revealed that in October last year both Golriz Ghahraman and? Green MP Marama Davidson took part in a violent Antifa protest against a group peacefully taking part in a flag event while at the same time very ironically collecting donations for Shakti migrant women?s refuge!

Marama Davis and Golriz Ghahraman


GREEN MP?s Golriz Ghahraman & Marama Davidson Join ANTIFA at Violent Rally

[…] Green MP?s Golriz Ghahraman?& Marama Davidson?spoke at and participated in a violent protest in Wellington targeting the annual National Front Flag Day event. Several people were the victims of assault perpetrated by this protest group.

The National Front working with the NZ Police decided to postpone the start time of our authorised event to avoid major conflict with the protest group. We are a family friendly organisation and had received threats from elements within the protest.

Green MP?s Golriz Ghahraman & Marama Davidson joined this protest group that included large elements of Antifa, an organisation that is known for using violence to silence anyone they disagree with. According to?reports?the US Department of Homeland Security has formally classified their activities as ?domestic terrorist violence?.

The irony is that on this day the protesters were collecting donations for Shakti migrant women?s refuge, while at the same time the Antifa NZ Facebook page was proudly displaying the picture at the top of this article that encourages violence against white/European women. Will these Green MP?s denounce this and other violent activities encouraged/perpetrated by Antifa NZ?

What do you think – ?is it acceptable for New Zealand MP?s to support and work with such an organisation? If you think this is not acceptable make sure you let people know.

flag day: NZ National Front

I do not agree with the ideology of the National Front but they had the legal right to have their flag event and the human right to hold a family?event without fear of violence.

Now that the Green’s are in government is it wise to have two of their members protesting with a violent group that has been designated a domestic terrorist organisation in America?

Why on earth are Marama Davis and Golriz Ghahraman involved with such a disgusting organisation??They should be ashamed of themselves associating with the worse kind of violent scum.

Choices have consequences. #GreenPartyLeader #AnyoneButMarama #AnyoneBut Gloriz Image: credit :SB Whaleoil