Sponsoring “Pride”

Who pays for what?

Phil Goff Facebook

I presume we will get the same weasel words from ANZ and Fletcher Building, TVNZ & Skycity.

So let’s look at the numbers:

The latest figures on the Societies website?show that the Parade income was $39,652

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Sponsorship income was $186,971.

Parade costs were $106,286

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So, the Parade cost $106,286, less direct income of $39,652 a net cost of $66,634 to the organisers.

Sponsorship was?$186,971. Less that which must have covered the parade deficit above, leaves $120,337 to assist and promote Fisting and PIG etc

For every $1 of sponsorship money that is claimed “?invests in the Auckland Pride Parade only, not the festival or events surrounding it. No ratepayer money goes toward the event you are referring to” the reality is that 64.6 cents, or almost 2/3, is actually?NOT going to the Auckland Pride Parade only.

Think about that ANZ Directors and Management, Fletcher Building Directors & Management.? ?Is your inclusivity, diversity,?virtue signalling support of this “event” really worth the bad publicity of having 2/3 of your sponsorship dollar being diverted to support homosexual orgies?