A Super Blue Blood

On January 31 the planet was treated to a rare phenomenon, a super – blue – blood moon.

Newshub says, “The last time these events coincided was in 1866, 152 years ago.”

The Herald says, “There hasn’t been a triple lineup like this since 1982”

Either or neither could be correct, it does not really matter too much to us normal mortals, it is simply an unusual event.

Now, typically, the phrase “a super blue blood” would conjure up images of Kate or Diana.

Closer Weekly

But I thought we could bring it closer to home:

Credit: Comrade Jacinda FB page

As you all should know;  a Super Moon is when the moon is closest to the earth in its elliptical orbit and so appears brighter than usual.  A Blue Moon is when there are two full moons in one calendar month and a Blood Moon is when the moon passes through the earth’s shadow during an eclipse and takes on a reddish hue.

How does that line up with New Zealand’s current super blue blood?

Super, as in closer: Jacinda’s orbiting around in circles from this Socialist post to that Labour role has finally brought her closer to power than she ever has been before.  Where the analogy fails is that the Super Moon is brighter than usual.

Blue, as in rare: Just like a rare steak, Jacinda is completely under-done, but to give Winston credit, he has delivered New Zealand the youngest female world leader, so that is something rare.

Blood, as in eclipsed:  Jacinda’s lack of stellar performance to date has been totally eclipsed by another (apparently) utterly rare event.  As a woman, she has managed to get pregnant and this announcement has completely eclipsed everything else in the news cycle for far too long.

Moons wax and wane and Jacinda has waxed on being youth-adjacent and having a smile, then being pushed to the front by Winston.  But she will wane …

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Dr Seuss may have been describing WH when he wrote, “He was shortish. And oldish. And brownish. And mossy. And he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy.”  WH, however, is tallish and only just fits in his MG.