NZ teachers’ unions: ‘Keep the Brown Down’

Credit: SonovaMin

Guest Post:

I was just mulling over the reasons the teachers’ unions hate the Charter schools and a dazzling and obvious reason came to me. I think it?d make a great slogan for teachers’ unions’ T-shirts…

Credit: SB Whaleoil
Satirical T-shirt concept for NZ teachers’ unions who are opposed to successful Charter schools that serve Maori and Pasifika students so well.


?Let?s keep the brown down!? as, let?s face it, Charter schools are overwhelmingly helping Polynesian students, eh! Just imagine the uproar if National tried to close down predominantly Maori schools that were achieving amazing results… it would be decried as purest racism.

Well… maybe that is the teachers’ unions’ aim?

?Keep the Brown Down!?