Tech Thursday

Elon Musk’s Boring Company $500 flamethrower stunt was vaguely amusing and, evidently, a very successful way of separating fanboys from their money. Now, they’re all sold out, but all the better because if you really need (“need”) a flamethrower you should just make your own. Not only is it way cheaper with an end product that’s practically indistinguishable from Musk’s offering, but it’s not even that hard.

YouTuber So I Had This Idea… reverse-engineered the flame-belching machine and it’s essentially just a handful of components, the most exotic of which is a particular Airsoft gun that will cost you about $120. Aside from that, however, you basically just need a propane touch, some tubing, and a little bit of time to make a replica that is virtually identical to the genuine item.