Transgenderism is an Act of Faith for the Globalist Religion

Suffer little children, and forbid their gender not: for of such is the kingdom of globalism

Globalism is happening so fast that sometimes it?s hard to see just how glaring the cultural changes have been. Nowhere is this more evident than in advertising, where it seems like companies have changed from mass market capitalists to bleeding heart activists overnight.

Why this extraordinary shift in attitudes?

The answer, I believe, lies in a new morality rapidly filling the spiritual vacuum caused by the erosion of religion in the West.

In the 20th Century, that vacuum was often filled by Marxism. But today,

That morality is globalism.

I would distinguish, here, between globalisation and globalism. Globalisation is an objective economic, political and technical process. Globalism is an ideology, partly based in that process, but mostly the result of discredited Marxism morphing into Cultural Marxism.

Globalism, briefly defined, is an a-spiritual, science-based morality that [?] emphasiz[es] individual rights, compassion for the weak, justice for the disenfranchised, and the elimination of any cultural differences that get in the way of those goals. Progressive Western governments are increasingly globalist, and they thus find themselves strange bedfellows with the corporate conglomerates they used to abhor.

Canada, home to the infamous Bill 16C, lead by Justin ?Personkind? Trudeau, is an epicentre of globalism – and chillingly illustrates its potential for tyranny.

[…] in Ontario, if your kid is transgendered, you no longer have the unfettered right to disapprove.

Children rebel. Parents socialize. This natural law governs all mammals [?] Yet for humans in Ontario, Canada, the state now has the right to decide whether your kid is just rebelling, or if he is actually a she.

Despite the globalist left?s conceit that they ?f-ing love science?, the truth is that their hobby-horses are more often religious rather than science-based.

There is no scientific basis for transgenderism [?] acceptance of a child?s claims about their gender identity rely on a metaphysical construct, a belief that a person?s true self has a gender, or a lack thereof. A male child in Ontario deciding that they are actually a female is no different, from a scientific perspective, than a Native American child deciding that their spirit animal is an eagle.

This is a common trait of the left: they profess to despise ?organised religion?. Yet, while they will gleefully mock and deride religion when it wears a cassock, put religion in a veil or a feathered headdress and the left will dutifully prostrate themselves.

Ontario believes that it is saving children from abuse, but what it?s really doing is supplanting one religion for another, and then enforcing the latter religion, globalism, to a tyrannical extent.

So why are globalists so especially enamoured of transgenderism?

Like any moral order, globalism has a driving force behind it and in the case of globalism, that force is money. Traditional values and morality, based in spiritual beliefs, community and family, threaten globalism?s economic imperative.

Like Christianity, the globalist religion enforces a morality that helps it survive. Where Christianity relied on so-called ?traditional gender roles? [?] globalism favors individual sexual exploration [?] globalism needs labor and self-indulgence [?] Globalism loves gender fluidity because it separates individuals from conglomerative values that threaten its viability.

Globalists trumpet their transgender virtues in the same way the Pharisees trumpeted their alms-giving. It?s virtue-signalling for the new elite.

If your child is trans and you deny them the right to be trans, you are an ?abuser,? which, like the words ?racist? or ?bigot,? is contemporary shorthand for ?violator of the moral code.? Why are you an abuser? Because you adhere to a metaphysical, non-scientific view that runs counter to the metaphysical, non-scientific view of the ruling class.