We should all be worried

The threat of the world’s fastest-growing religion and its history of growth through terror, slavery and extermination weighs heavily over the world. Current wars on our planet are civil wars involving mostly Muslim factions.

Man and his grandson go through the rubble following air strikes on the building they live in following Syrian Government airstrikes in Idlib last week

There is no public discussion on the subject of Islam because it is considered offensive to Muslims. Imams are free to preach hatred without consequence in their mosques but the same freedom of speech is not afforded us in discussing unacceptable aspects of Islam.

Christian church leaders do not talk about it. The books of the Old Testament and Revelation are unfolding in front of mainstream Christian churches who haven’t a clue what’s going on because their leaders are ignorant.?Sad and tragic.

Politicians and academic leaders either refuse to acknowledge the religious tide that is racing across the globe or they tell us there is no threat. Osama Bin Laden labelled Mohammad a god of war but Barack Obama contradicted him, calling Islam a religion of peace.?History supports Bin Laden; Obama was lying.?Stupid and scary.

There are more than 215 million persecuted Christians worldwide, according to the 2018 ?World Watch List,? Open Doors USA?s annual ranking of the 50 worst countries for violence and persecution against Christians.

The report found that one in 12 Christians worldwide are victims of violent persecution. Open Doors USA cites the spread of radical Islam and increasing religious nationalism as the two major drivers of global Christian persecution.

Open Doors 2018 map of 50 worst countries for Christian persecution

Islamic leaders in western countries are eerily silent in the face of increasing violence and their connection to it.?Alarming and worrying.

No one is offering solutions.? European leaders, time after time, express fake shock and horror each time an attack occurs. Fake because they, like the rest of the world, know this terror is not going to stop without intervention. There WILL be another attack because not enough is being done to prevent it.? Until the real threat is acknowledged there will be many, many more attacks. Weep for the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and France who clasp vipers to their breasts and claim peace! Crazy and stupid.

Academics are generally silent on the subject.?Our universities are more interested in shaping minds that promote their own ideologically-removed-from-reality pitter-patter.? They are responsible for shutting down free speech. They shape government policy to fit their personal viewpoint and blindly defer to political correctness.?They dictate the norms of our society. Naive and dangerous.

We are struck deaf, blind and dumb in the face of evil; even God’s own people will not listen: “Peace, peace they cry, when there is no peace” from Jeremiah 6:14 in the context of people abandoning God who seeks to warn His people of the looming disaster but “their ears are closed and they will not listen.” Jeremiah 6:1.

Where are the leaders who will offer the hand of friendship to followers of Islam on the proviso that they agree to abandon behaviour that contravenes our laws and human rights??

It is NOT OK for followers of Islam to denigrate us as infidels or unbelievers and still expect that we give them a warm welcome.

We should be telling immigrants they are welcome here IF they abandon Sharia law, terrorism, slavery, misogyny, child marriage, polygamy, female circumcision and persecution of Christians, Jews and the LGBT/homosexual community.

It’s simple. Unless we have a commitment from Islamic immigrants that they agree to relinquish these unacceptable behaviours we should not let them live here. If we don’t ask the hard questions we are guilty of supporting inhumane practices. It’s time to draw a line in the sand.