Whaleoil Women are not the target market of Women’s Weekly magazines and I will tell you why

Guest Post:

I only see women’s’ magazines when I go to the hairdressers, and then they invariably plant three on my knee while my hair “develops”.  Now, these magazines are those weeklies which I presume are also the ones with the largest sales in NZ (not the “glossies”).  They must have a very wide circulation.

They are all so very similar.  A “lead story” about some “celebrity”, followed by some “secret” Royal story, some fashion, and then some cookery items and “letters” and horoscopes.

This is the absolute rubbish which presumably sells best in NZ, and which is ingested by perhaps half of the literate NZ women…(I use the term “literate” loosely).  Yes, I know I am being nasty and conceited in thinking myself better than the readers to whom this rubbish appeals, but honestly, are their lives so empty that they choose to live vicariously through Hollywood, rather than know more about the things which actually affect their day to day lives?  There is no mention of politics.  No mention of financial matters. No international matters.  Yet these people have a vote!

This is why Jacinda was cleverly chosen to supplant Angry Andy. This indirectly, is why we have a Government of incompetents. I find myself thinking like the US Democrats. “This is not MY Prime Minister!” Just because such a large percentage of voters live in cloud-cuckoo-land and do not think beyond the “tripe” they are regularly fed. I despair.

I spoke to one woman who said she had voted for WP “because he has a wicked smile”  What hope do we have?

They don’t even know they have been manipulated!  That is what is so frightening.

Note from SB

It is so true that we women are fed a diet of dross when it comes to so-called Women’s magazines.
The steady increase in Whaleoil’s female readership and our female writers, Suze, Christie, Deb and myself shows that many women are interested in politics and are not the frivolous creatures the magazines would have us all believe that we are.

I don’t care about what Jacinda Ardern is wearing or how she feels about being pregnant; I only care about her government’s policies. So-called political interviews where we are told that her partner clambered into the attic wearing nothing but his undies to get a fan because it was hot do not impress me. I have a brain thank you very much and a leader’s job is to run the country not gush to women’s magazines about almond milk, babies and how sad she was when her cat died.


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If you agree with me that’s nice but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo. Look between the lines, do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.