#WorldHandcuffday #WorldBall&ChainDay #WorldHijabDay #GetBackInTheKitchenWhereYouBelongDay


#WorldHijabDay because little girls and women need to cover their hair so they will not tempt/arouse Muslim men by inviting them to?rape them. I am not being sarcastic, that is the actual reasoning behind?the “modest” hijab!


#WorldHijabDay is as ridiculous as #WorldHandcuffday or #WorldBall&ChainDay or #GetBackIn TheKitchenWhereYouBelongDay



#WorldHandcuffDay it’s so beautiful and liberating and feminist because some women choose to allow themselves to be handcuffed and at the mercy of others. It is all about CHOICE (sarcasm).

Right now women in Iran are protesting being forced to wear the hijab and are being imprisoned, tortured and killed for taking it off but on Social media brainwashed Muslim women are getting angry at an ex-Muslim 20-year-old who has taken it off and is protesting #WorldHijabday.


There is nothing more feminist than a woman who wears a ball and chain to prove her modesty and her submission to her husband. It makes her much more worthy of marriage as it proves that she is a submissive woman and therefore will make a good wife, (sarcasm).



Despite claiming that the Hijab is a choice, Muslim women on Twitter were?quick to condemn Anoud for taking?it off and calling it oppressive.

She shouldn’t?have said that? This Muslim woman is telling Anoud what she can and can’t say. How ironic. On the one hand, claiming that there is a choice but on the other hand demonstrating what happens to Muslim women who choose to take it off.

Islam is a patriarchal ideology. There is NOTHING free or feminist about it! Celebrating World Hijab day is as disgusting as celebrating women who “choose” to be handcuffed or who “choose” to wear a ball and chain around their leg.