Yassmin’s Islamic amnesia

Yassmin Abdel-Magied needs to be reminded of the extent of Islam’s “colonising and enslaving”

Orwell once wrote, One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that. Portuguese poet and philosopher Fernando Pessoa likewise wrote of the stupidity of the intelligentsia. Both were deriding the phenomenon by which otherwise intelligent and educated people convince themselves of the most absurd beliefs. Stupid ideas which, as Orwell said, no ordinary person would be so foolish as to believe for an instant.

Would that either of them had lived to witness the supremely idiotic intelligence of Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

As she likes to endlessly boast, Yassmin is well-educated, with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with First Class Honours. Engineers, by the way, are overwhelmingly more inclined to violent extremism than any other group. Just a coincidence, no doubt. Still, one must assume that she isn’t actually utterly cretinous, despite her apparent determination to cultivate appearances to the contrary.

This is, after all, the person who declared on national television that Islam is “the most feminist religion”,

sanctimoniously berated everyone in the country who didn’t embrace identity politics

and sneered at Westerners that their “ancestors … went all over the world colonizing and enslaving”.

Abdel-Magied’s lack of cultural, and in particular self, awareness is truly gobsmacking. Of all the major religions on earth, Islam has done more “colonising” and “enslaving”, than any other. Don’t expect to find any ‘diversity quotas’ when a Caliphate has been established!

Indeed, to paraphrase Mark Steyn, you can have Islam or you can have diversity. You can’t have both.

Muslim apologists declare that their faith is, in fact, a religion of peace. This is because, as explained so brilliantly by Dr Mark Durie in his book, The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom (Deror, 2010) the definition of “peace” in classical Islamic ideology, meant that those who had been conquered were given one of three choices: convert to the Islamic faith; face immediate execution with the sword; or surrender to a life of “dhimmitude” where one experienced restricted human rights and economic sanctions.

Colonised and enslaved, in other words.

What Yassmin Abdel-Magied conveniently forgets, or overlooks, is the imperialistic colonising and enslavement that followers of her own religion perpetrated upon those they conquered. Ironically, her approach is in many ways just like communism, in that it denounced imperialism while at the very same time as practicing it.

Indeed, the Islamic Mongol empire was the largest contiguous land empire in history, and second largest overall. Three of the ten largest empires in history were Islamic. The Muslim conquests were marked by unprecedented bloodshed and brutality, unmatched until the “hemoclysms” of WWI and WWII (the first of which the Islamic Ottoman empire participated in as a major belligerent, whilst also simultaneously perpetrating the first modern genocide).

Perhaps someone ought to remind her of these facts? Indeed,

Someone needs to remind Ms Abdel-Magied that Islam doesn’t operate under the same Leftist ideology as they do at her previous employer, the ABC. And the fact that she can even appear before such a thing as a Human Rights Commission—or even as a woman have a job, drive a car, appear in public with her face not fully covered and without a chaperone—is all a product of the very system of which she is so critical.

What Abdel-Magied “shoulda thought of” before passing judgment on the country that has generously welcomed her as its own, is irrefutable historical evidence of “colonizing and enslaving” that her own religion has unleashed upon the world.

The Spectator Australia


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