March 2018

Saturday nightcap

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How to get respect without being a bully

Cyst Saturday

**Watch this one with the sound off.

The poor woman cries from the pain throughout the whole video.

Security camera footage from a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium *UPDATED

UPDATE* This footage has been debunked

Earlier this afternoon I was emailed the attached?video, which is an example of the violence and agression hospital staff now have to deal with from Muslim refugees. The?video?is from a security camera in a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. This?video?clearly shows how these barbarians treat women and the scumbag has no respect for the female staff at all, but critisism of Islam is not allowed. I am not sure if you can use it for the WO blog because it is quite graphic, but this is unfortunately now the reality in Europe:

Hogg Hitler

Daily roundup

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Where the heck am I?

Should we identify elderly drivers with E-Plates?

Nick Carrol, of SafeGrannies, says his company’s E-plates have been selling well.

E-plates for elderly drivers has been suggested as a new weapon in the war against road rage. Much like the baby on board signs, they are no doubt hoping that other drivers will be more considerate and patient with older drivers who may have slower reflexes or who may prefer to drive slower more carefully or by touch.?? Read more »

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