A new party needs to be created now: Part one

Guest Post:

How did we end up with the present coalition?

New Zealand?s MMP system was set up to ensure that large groups of voters would be ruled over by small groups of voters in small parties as the diagram of the last election below shows.

Therefore the only way to use MMP for the furtherance of our views is to form a strong stable support party that will aid National as the Green party supports Labour, and keep National on track.

Image supplied: Whaleoil

We need to form a? party for Freedom and ?Progress? with a patriotic backbone that puts New Zealanders first and works to get the business engine of New Zealand invigorated, as only true economic growth will make New Zealanders prosperous.

This party must be involved in both national? and local government;?so much control of the economy has been passed to the councils that local level involvement is urgent to get the country moving. Council bureaucratic red tape/left agenda is strangling progress.

The party also needs an effective Think tank to analyse the MSM and work out methods to combat Left/MSM demonisation of all things of the? right?. The party also would be majority advanced by a talkback radio station, so that conservative views could be advanced and we have an informative/entertaining station to listen to in car/work etc.

Suggested principles for the New party

  1. Tax Cuts: Reduce taxes on personal income
  2. All New Zealanders to be equal under the law: binding referendum on abolishing historic? special Maori seats
  3. Protect the environment: repeal the RMA
  4. More focus on law and order: stop harassment of legal gun owners
  5. Pay schools for results
  6. Get traffic moving again in Auckland and other roadblocks: building more roads PPP. Examine AT motives and refocus on roads away from trains and cycleways
  7. Stop accepting UN refugees. Support and help ?refugees? in their own countries
  8. Apply drug tests to welfare recipients; get control of state housing again
  9. Stop paying carbon taxes: look into ways instead of increased carbon sequestration.
  10. Boost funding to the navy so we can protect our fishing economic zone from illegal fish theft

** Part Two later today

by Story Short