A theory on Identity Politics


“The first casualty when war comes is truth”

– Hiram Warren Johnson


I have recently found myself in a couple of heated debates with close friends who I would describe as being believers of left-wing political ideology.

Both of these encounters have ended in exactly the same manner where the other person has taken offence at my arguments even though this was never my intention.

It seems that there is a growing number of people who are finding it harder and harder to remove themselves from the centre of their arguments and to put forward ideas that are not just based around their own emotional understandings of an issue.

Obviously, it is impossible to truly remove oneself from one’s own opinion entirely but the attempt to do so is in my view something to be strived towards as it opens up not just room for others to put their arguments forward but also room in one’s own understandings for further development and learning.

Perhaps these recent encounters of mine are reflective of how entrenched Identity Politics has become in the functions of our governance and the inevitable competition for the allocation of finite resources to groupings of people that this dynamic in turn creates.

I, like anyone, possess an infinite potential to empathise with any group of people’s desires for recognition, representation and respect, depending on the weight of the argument put forward. However, when it comes to the allocation of Government money, which is finite, this becomes competitive in nature i.e. if we give money to a group advocating for ‘their’ perceived rights then we inevitably deny those resources to another group and so on and so on. After all, when it comes to Identity Politics, empathy is a zero-sum game. You’re either a winner or a loser. A bigot, or a virtuous saint. There is no room in this interplay for discourse based on logic and reason.

This has led me to a theory which is based on an assumption of mine that Identity Politics will continue to provide the main arena of political gamesmanship and also the primary function of resource allocation heading into the transition of power and capital from the Boomer generation to the generation that follows.

This transfer of power and capital, after all, is the main prize, the winners of which will determine the civic structures and economic policies of western societies well into the near future.

The players in this emerging ideological dynamic are as follows and in no particular order:

Anti-White Collectivists:  Not necessarily non-white people who ascribe to cultural Marxist theory and see Whiteness as being both a social construct and an ethnic group that needs to be politically and socially marginalised in order to further enhance perceived egalitarian principles.

Individualists:  People who ascribe to either Classical Liberal Democracy or Civic Nationalism as being the ultimate determining influences on how traditional western societies are not only created but also maintained.

White Collectivists:  White Ethno Nationalists whose ultimate aim is to create White Ethno States in order to protect and maintain their own unique ancestry, wealth and traditions.

I am of the belief that these groups will be largely oriented around perceptions of Black and White Identity or a negation of ethnicity altogether in the case of the Individualists, as this is the underlying ideological argument which has in recent years become the norm when explaining supposed discrepancies of income and arguing for a reallocation of capital.

We have already in recent years witnessed this focus on ethnicity, coupled with gender, shift from the extremities of political discourse into a more mainstreamed normalisation, which only further adds to my belief that this trend will continue well into the future.

I’m also of the belief that the Individualist grouping, while representing a majority of people, will however not play a significant role in the eventual outcomes of this allocation of resources as, by their very nature, they do not ascribe to any particular collective and therefore will become easily dominated, manipulated and politically outmanoeuvred by the more organised and vociferous White and Anti-White Collectivists whose playing of the Identity Politics game will ultimately determine the overall mood of the political setting and narrative. It’s always worth remembering that the Identity Politics strategy is always based on playing the ‘Long Game’.

Examples of this can be seen throughout history where vocal minorities have emerged from periods of political unease and transition to become dominating forces that determine the nature and direction of entire societies.

In short, whenever I hear a politician or representative advocating along the lines of Identity Politics, I see them as being just another in a long line of mostly unwitting accomplices who are leading western societies further towards the nightmare of racial segregation and inevitable civil conflict.

As with most ‘leaders’ throughout history, the primary dominating motivation for their actions and words have more to do with their own sense of power and ego and less to do with what is best for society as a whole.

In all honesty, I would like to be proven wrong on this theory as, if I’m correct, I don’t see it ending well for anyone.

Because when it gets to the point where the only question that matters is ‘whose side are you on?’ you know that truth and reason are no longer relevant.


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  • Fifth generation Kiwi, social-political writer who left the Left sometime back and turned right. Heavily reliant on spell check with hopefully the intelligence to admit when he’s wrong and the humility to see the truth, irrespective of where it’s found.

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