If actions speak louder than words they simply don’t care

Guest post:

The Ombudsman’s report recommends the ministry work with the education sector to develop a process for closing or merging individual schools or groups of schools. (Wainoni school, file photo)

When the post-quake school system was being mismanaged by the Ministry of Education Labour were vocal in demanding much more contact and oversight from the then Minister of Education Hekia Parata.

The?report, released?on Wednesday,?found significant flaws in the way the ministry engaged with school communities?and?recommended?it work with the education sector to develop a process for closing or merging schools in future.

The Ministry of Education is a very slow learner and is currently butchering the Charter school transition and appear to be barely engaged in any form of “good faith negotiations”.

Despite the report’s recommendations the person who wants Charter schools?terminated, ‘Hitman Hipkins,’? won’t even talk to them (well except the one Kelvin Davis asked him to).

Meanwhile, new?Real Estate Magnate Jacinda Ardern has refused to visit and no doubt continues to seethe about having made significant awards to and been photographed with fantastic Villa Education Trust students earlier in the year.

Emma Purves and Jeremiah Mahanga are honoured by the PM before she closes down their Partnership school.

Then there is Kelvin, ‘has favourites‘ Davis who continues to not respond to schools that are in his?electorate that have Maori students, but who don’t know him personally.

Kelvin ‘has favourites’ Davis

The best way to sum up the level of communication from Jacinda Ardern’s government during this time of ‘ transition’ with the Charter schools is the photo below.

A man waiting for a phone call

It is hard to escape the notion that they simply don’t care about the stress and anxiety that they are putting the school communities through.