A Dhimmi masterpiece of an article with a ‘Kiwi as’ Taqiya flavour

Reza Abdul-Jabbar on one of his Southland dairy properties. Picture / Brett Phibbs.

Apparently, Islam is not an ideology that incites violence and is, in fact, Kiwi as bro.

  • If you look past the Islamic terrorism and violence all over the world
  • If you don’t read the 164?Jihad?Verses in the?Koran
  • If you are pig? ignorant about brutal and misogynistic Islamic law ( the Sharia)
  • If you don’t understand how abrogation works and think that the peaceful verses in the Koran count
  • If you don’t know what Taqiya means
  • If you think peace means the same thing to an Imam that it does to a non-Muslim

Then you can relax because there is nothing at all to be worried about…Bro.

The New Zealand Herald article reads:

The throaty roar of the Harley Davidson booms off the brick and stucco houses of an otherwise quiet, nondescript street at the bottom of the world. Wavy dark hair flows behind a black helmet, beard flutters out front. Black leather jacket, blue Levis, R.M. Williams boots, the rider leans with the machine into the mosque’s driveway.

Reza Abdul-Jabbar quickly changes into his crisp white robe and taqiyah. “Assalamu alaikum,” he says, greeting another early arrival. His phone rings.

“Brent? good, mate,” he says. “Roughly how many you reckon? Oh yep, good as. I’ll get hold of Jenny shortly. Yeah na cheers for that man, bye.”

Reza Abdul-Jabbar with his Harley-Davidson. Picture / Brett Phibbs

[…] Abdul-Jabbar is not your typical Southland dairy farmer. Nor is he a typical Imam, or Islamic religious leader.
“Whereas in a lot of [Islamic] centres, the Imams are trained scholars, I’m more of a Massey-taught Imam,” grins the bike-mad designated leader of the Southland Muslim Association’s mosque ? the southernmost in the world.

The article admits that he is not your typical Imam yet it is designed to give new Zealanders a ‘Kiwi as’?stereotype that they can relate to and not feel threatened by. I wonder what prevented the journalist from seeking out a typical Imam in New Zealand? Why not one involved in FIANZ in a leadership position like the Imam we exposed on Whaleoil not so long ago? He was an Iman trained in Saudi Arabia: a scholar who knows the ins and out of Sharia and the Koran intimately. He was an Imam far more qualified to represent a typical Imam than the user-friendly Reza Abdul-Jabbar.

The article continues:

[…]?It’s warm and stuffy inside the mosque […] Copies of the Holy Quran are stacked in ornate shelves but otherwise the room is sparse. Women and children listen to the sermon from behind an adjoining wall. Abdul-Jabbar’s youngest son, Talha peeks with wide brown eyes through a gap in the separating curtain.

Kiwi-as Bro but wait a cotton picking minute, since when has sexual segregation been a Kiwi value? Whatever happened to equality of the sexes, Bro?

There was no mosque when the Abdul-Jabbars first landed in Southland ten years ago. They were involved in founding the Southland Muslims Association for the growing Islamic population.

The association bought a small industrial building in the sleepy Invercargill suburb of Hawthorndale and in 2010 opened a permanent masjid, or mosque, and community centre to serve around 80 Muslim families in the region.

When I read that quote I wondered who funded it? Saudi money? Saudi Arabia won’t take in Muslim refugees but they spend millions seeding mosques inside Western countries. Perhaps they were funded by FIANZ from the lucrative Halal certification rort?

The article continues:

At first, locals eyed the mosque with suspicion. It wasn’t helped when a passenger of a Pakistani-born driver launched a foul-mouthed anti-Islamic rant that was caught on camera about how he should “F*** off back to where you come from? you shouldn’t be in New Zealand in the first place … we don’t require your Muslim bulls*** in this country.”

The Southland Muslim Association accepted the remorseful Invercargill passenger’s subsequent apology and invited him to the mosque to broaden his mind on the religion.

End of quote:

Nothing to worry about Bro, this version of the ideology is Kiwi-as. You have got it all wrong. Forget what has happened to every other Western country when the Muslim population got over 4-5%. Ignore the demands that are already being made in New Zealand for Kiwis to change their values and way of life to give a tiny minority what they want. It will be different this time. Promise. Our Imam wears gumboots so that makes the contents of the Koran totally different this time.

Back to the article:

[…] a year later, the congregation learned they were being covertly watched by undercover Security Intelligence Service (SIS) officers.

Prime Minister John Key confirmed at the time that mosques around New Zealand were being monitored after a Kiwi Muslim allegedly linked to Al-Qaeda was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen.

Christopher Havard had spent time in Invercargill around three years earlier and attended the mosque. Abdul-Jabbar said 27-year-old Havard had introduced himself as Saleem but there had been nothing to suggest radicalisation.

Since then, Abdul-Jabbar has worked closely with both security agencies and police, and welcomes people inside the mosque anytime.

End of quote:

Great, so he should. Not all Muslims are terrorists but almost all terrorists are Muslim. Mosques in New Zealand should be expected to be totally open and transparent and their sermons should all be in English so that nothing is hidden.

The article continues:

?”There is nothing to hide,” he says.

“Our main objective is to portray the right form or image of Islam to the community, in particular, and to the country as a whole. And it’s in our best interests that people are not misled.

End of quote:

It is called Taqiya and it is the best interests of Muslims that the non-Muslim population be ignorant of what is actually inside their holy book and their other religious literature. It is in their best interests that they make us think that their morals and values are similar to our own.

The article continues:

“When you have people who have got the wrong understanding and blowing themselves up or inciting hatred, then you have to wonder: where did he or she learn that particular brand of Islam? Because it’s certainly not what Islam is supposed to be. With the likes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, their targets are often the person who is unlearned. Or else it’s people who have nothing to lose.[…]

End of quote:

That’s pretty rich coming from an Imam who is not a typical Imam, precisely because he is not a trained scholar of Islam. What makes him think that his brand of Islam is what Islam is supposed to be?

The article continues:

“You wouldn’t do that if you had plenty to live for. You see bombings like Paris and London, those guys are losers. Their track histories are they are druggies or prostitution, that sort of thing, and then they want to be religious all of a sudden.”

End of quote:

He knows full well that blowing up non-Muslims is a sinner Muslim’s get into paradise free ticket. Islam teaches that shortcut to heaven. Islam is the problem.

The article continues:

Immigration New Zealand earlier this year named Invercargill as a new refugee settlement location because of its employment opportunities. A group of Colombians fleeing paramilitary gangs will be the first to be resettled in the area, with more expected from war-torn Syria.

It’s a move that Mayor Tim Shadbolt said had locals raising fears about the city becoming a resettlement location.

End of quote:

Now we know the purpose of the article. It is a don’t worry these Muslims are not a danger to the community piece. I am sure that all the Muslims who come from war zones will be just like this Kiwi bloke who came from Indonesia [sarcasm]

The article continues:

“Some people are very wary of it and think we may be inheriting a lot of social problems that are generated when you come from a war zone, but others are very tolerant of it,” Shadbolt said.[…]

End of quote:

They will, be inheriting a lot of social problems, including serious mental illness. The same kind of mental illness that so many terrorists suffer from. Our second and most recent Muslim terrorist lives in Christchurch. What is the bet that the first major terror attack will be in Christchurch?