Bye Bill, no hard feelings…

Can’t say I’m sad to see the end of Bill English. The harm that man has done to me and my family over the years is something that will appear in my book one day. It will stagger people to realise that this bumpkin is such a vicious, nasty, vindictive prick. All because my old man told him one day, as he was headed to a function in Fay Richwhite’s boardroom, that he was dressed like hayseed.? ?

Still, he spent nearly 30 years in parliament so he deserved a valedictory speech. Can’t abide the blubbing though; that is just gay.

I’ll give Bill English the same message I gave to John Key: see ya pal, I’m still here, no hard feelings.

I’ll send you a copy of my book when I publish it… you’ll love the revelations about you in it.