Charities Register: Greenpeace “does not advance exclusively charitable purposes”

The activist wing of the Green party, Greenpeace, has failed again to renew its charity status.

Greenpeace’s application to be registered as a charity has been declined.

The independent Charities Registration Board says they came to the decision because Greenpeace “does not advance exclusively charitable purposes”.

“The Board considers that Greenpeace has an independent purpose to promote its own particular views about the environment and other issues,” it said in a statement.

It says Greenpeace does not advance a public benefit in a way that has been previously deemed charitable by the courts.

As a result, it cannot be registered as a charity and receive associated benefits, the board says.

Greenpeace has applied for charitable status several times in the past without success.

The organisation has 20 working days to appeal the decision to the High Court.

Good job. They are a protest movement and political players, not a charity.

Russel Norman will be so upset. He will be screeching, “Give me back my charity status.”