Comedy corner: Non-PC jokes guaranteed to offend

After the first run of politically motivated condoms designed by Young Labour in Christchurch proved to be popular, Labour general secretary and 2017 campaign manager Andrew Kirton has released a new catchy slogan.

‘Let’s cover this up.’

The evolution of the mobile phone is an odd one.

We began with book-size handsets, minimised them to finger-sized, and then rejected that less-is-more mentality for ever-larger screens…

So, why did we suddenly shift from shrinkage to ‘size matters’?

The answer is simple…

h/t The Burning Platform

A man and his wife are sitting in front of their PC trying to set up a new password. The husband types ‘mypenis’ as the password. The wife immediately falls on ground laughing as she sees an error message on the computer screen that reads as “Error! Password’s Not Long Enough.”

A woman asked a General in the army the last time he made love to a woman. The general stood tall and said “1956 ma’am.” The woman, taken back by this answer, said, “1956?! That long?! Let me make your night better…” and the two sauntered away to a private room. The woman began to strip and the two made passionate love for an hour. The woman cuddled up to the army general afterward and said, “Well, you sure haven’t forgotten any thing since 1956…” The general looked at her confused and said, “Well, I sure hope not. It’s only 2130 now!”?