Corruption is the only word for it, if Mitchell’s allegations are true

I’m not sure an apology is going to cut it. This is very concerning stuff that if true can only be called corruption.

National MP Mark Mitchell has claimed a NZ First MP told him to pull out of a regional development project in Mahurangi and stop questioning Regional Development Minister Shane Jones if he wanted funding for the project.

Mitchell, the MP for Rodney claimed that over the weekend NZ First MP Jenny Marcroft told him the Mahurangi River Restoration Project would be considered for funding from Jones’ Provincial Growth Fund “but for that to happen I would have to end my involvement with it as a local MP”.

He said Marcroft told him she was speaking on behalf of a minister, but would not say who.??

“Ms Marcroft told me this was because the Government was unhappy with me revealing the illegitimate use of Defence Force aircraft by Defence Minister Ron Mark.”

She also said if I ended my involvement and the money was granted, that they did not want National’s Regional Economic Development spokesperson Paul Goldsmith asking Shane Jones questions about it in Parliament.

He said it was “rotten politics” and an attempt to use the Fund to silence political opponents.

That right there, if true, is a corrupt practice. Winston Peters has forced an apology out of her, but I’m not sure that will be enough.

However, NZ First leader Winston Peters said Mitchell had “misunderstood” the conversation with Marcroft – who had later apologised for it at Peters’ direction.

“Ms Marcroft apologised to Mr Mitchell for the misunderstanding in their conversation. After the conversation had got out of hand she consulted with me late on Saturday afternoon and was advised by me to issue an apology,” said Peters.

He said Marcroft was not acting under the instruction of a NZ First Minister.

“While Mr Mitchell may have misunderstood her underlying point, she was apologetic over the matter, and conveyed that to him.”

On whose orders was she acting then? She is the lowest ranking NZ First MP. No way she’d act alone.

This is serious stuff. I simply don’t believe that Marcroft was acting alone. I have my suspicions who…but let’s see how this hound hunts.


-NZ Herald