Could Paula Gillon win Northcote for Labour?

2011 Election sign for Paula Gillon after “movember” graffiti

Northcote is the one seat on the North Shore that Labour can realistically think about winning. They will not win Rodney, East Coast Bays, Upper Harbour or North Shore. But they could win Northcote with the right candidate.

The right candidate would still have to have a few things go in their favour. They would need to be local, proven as electable and have a really good ground game. They would need to accept that running now is an opportunity to build the infrastructure to win in 2020.??

They would also need National to do something monumentally stupid, like select an outsider who has no connection to the electorate but massive ambition to get to Wellington. A few scandals like a senior former minister having had an affair or a senior party official getting busted for wife beating would be helpful, and given the low-rat cunning Labour showed in getting rid of Metiria Turei there might well be someone in Northcote who could break these scandals.

As far as candidates go it is very hard to go past Paula Gillon. Paula won a seat on council in 2001 as an 18-year-old by putting up billboards next to the motorway of her in her lingerie. It worked and she won.

Paula has built a successful profile in the area through being on the local board and community licensing trust, as well as having run for Labour in Northcote in 2011. She retains the good looks that helped her win as an 18-year-old, and has proven she is a capable campaigner, as one would expect from the daughter of a left-wing machine politician of the stature of Grant Gillon.

Paula is a young mother but, when the Prime Minister is pregnant and other caucus members have infant babies, this shouldn?t be a problem. More of a problem is that Paula?s good looks and enjoyment of male attention put the PM’s nose out of joint when she was the nerdy former-Mormon superstar in Young Labour but not as popular with the lads as Paula.