David Seymour exposes government’s disregard for white people’s rights

In South Africa, white people now live in fear and, as a documentary made by Lauren Southern illustrates, being a white person, particularly a white farmer inside South Africa today, is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

The black government is openly supporting taking white South African citizens’ land and farms without compensation and by force. In fact, they are even changing legislation to enable them to do it officially. The South African National Assembly has passed a motion to have the Constitution amended in order to intensify the expropriation of land without compensation.

ACT party leader David Seymour, in response, has proposed a motion in parliament to condemn South Africa for their legislation as they are legalising the theft of white South African citizens’ land; a shocking development that would be condemned worldwide if it was a white government doing it to their black citizens.

Shockingly, despite New Zealand’s history of boycotting South Africa for apartheid, both Labour and NZF vetoed Seymour’s motion.

David Seymour has said, “Parliament?s priorities are seriously warped as it seeks to congratulate our winter Olympians while ignoring the fact that South Africa?s new president wishes to steal white farmers? land.?

Seymour has told other parties that the role of a parliament should be to uphold property rights. He also said that they risk inciting violence and a Zimbabwe-style total collapse into total poverty, and a flood of refugees to New Zealand.

?I?m as proud of our Olympians as any Kiwi, but all New Zealanders need a parliament that has its priorities straight,” he said.

“New Zealand has strong cultural ties with South Africa. The country is our fifth largest source of immigrants. 80,000 South Africans live here.”

?New Zealand already receives refugee claims from South Africans who face high levels of crime. Although the Refugee Convention does not allow claims on this basis, we could potentially see a large number of refugee claims from white farmers facing persecution by the South African state.”

?The fact that the Government doesn?t want to acknowledge this is bizarre.”

?I don?t mind the Parliament doing the feel-good stuff as long as they are also prepared to take on the hard issues.”

South Africa is still a country dominated by apartheid. The only thing that has changed is who is enforcing the apartheid. Since the black South Africans have been in control poverty has increased for everyone and infrastructure and everything else have gone downhill at a hundred miles an hour (look at the above video to see the state of some of the cities) yet, somehow, the protesters like John Minto, who cared so much back in the day, are totally silent at the atrocities happening now to the white South African population.

John Minto