Dirty rotten cheats, Aussies manage to do worse than the underarm incident

The Aussie cricket team, from the captain down, are dirty rotten cheats after being busted ball tampering in South Africa. They don’t deserve to be wearing their baggy green any longer:

The reputation of Australia’s cricket team is in tatters after captain Steve Smith confessed to coming up with a plan with senior players to cheat South Africa by tampering with the ball in the third test.

A deeply ashamed Australian captain Steve Smith has admitted his team deliberately conspired to cheat on the third day of the third test by having Cameron Bancroft use tape to illegally tamper with the ball.

While Bancroft has been charged by match referee Andy Pycroft and faces a one-test suspension the reputation of Smith and the Australian team is in tatters.

Smith said he would not be resigning from the captaincy?but owned up to devising the plan to try and alter the condition of the ball with other senior members of the team at lunch on Saturday (Sunday NZT).

So, not ashamed enough to resign? Perhaps his nickname should change from “Smudge” to “No Shame”.

“The leadership group knew about it. We spoke about it at lunch,” Smith said. “I’m not proud of what’s happened. It’s not within the spirit of the game. My integrity, the team’s integrity, the leadership group’s integrity has come into question and rightfully so.

“I’m not naming names but the leadership group talked about it and ‘Bangers’ was around at the time. We spoke about it and thought it was a possible way to get an advantage. Obviously it didn’t work. The umpires didn’t see it change the ball was behaving, or how it looked or anything like that. (It was) a poor choice and we’re deeply regretful for our actions.”

They should resign because they are shameless cheating scumbags. If he doesn’t resign then the ACB should sack him. They’ve ordered an inquiry, but why bother? He’s admitted it; he ordered it. He should be gone. At the very least he’s broken the no-dickheads rule.