Education wrecking ball Hitman Hipkins assassinates Aspire scholarships

Credit: Luke

Jacinda Ardern with the assistance of Hitman Hipkins has terminated yet another successful part of the education system.

Despite claiming to care about poverty and Maori the government’s actions continue to be destructive rather than constructive.

Aspire Scholarships are scholarships that cost the government $8,000 per student per annum for 250 students (up to $16,000 goes towards private education for the child minus the $8,000 the cost in the State system).

There are numerous examples of success:

?Aspire Scholarships, which offer the opportunity for children from low-income and often challenging backgrounds to attend an Independent School, have been of huge benefit to the hundreds of students who have attained them,?

[…] ?The Aspire Scholarship has an amazing impact on the lives of a group of ?priority learners?, often Maori and Pasifika students, who have come from financially and at times significant socially disadvantaged backgrounds. These young people may not have completed secondary schooling without the personalised and supportive environment available in Independent Schools, let alone graduated with NCEA Level 3 and progressed on to pursue tertiary study. Of the 19 Aspire students who have graduated from St Paul?s so far, 16 went on to undertake university study, with all of those students having gained tertiary entry and their NCEA Level 3 certificate.?

[…] The high quality education from excellent teachers in small classes has enabled our children to grow into high achievers and contributing members of society. My son completed his secondary education winning Dux and coming top in each subject. He will be going to University of Auckland to do a conjoint degree in Commerce and Engineering.?[…]

Gillian Simpson, Executive Principal of St Margaret?s College in Christchurch, asks: ?In the current environment in New Zealand and in post-quake Christchurch, why would the Government remove these opportunities for schools such as ours, which have the culture and resources to transform young lives? There are so many ways to help children out of challenging situations and poverty, and this is one that works.?

I can only conclude that Independent schools like Charter schools ideologically do not fit Labour’s agenda. Despite the fantastic results achieved because of the Aspire scholarships (for the very part of New Zealand society that Jacinda Ardern claims to care so much about), they must have their throat cut as Labour march relentlessly towards the annihilation?of New Zealand’s existing educational system.

?The Government is removing the opportunity for these students to benefit from the best possible education and achieve far beyond their expectations. These scholarships have not only changed the aspirations of the individual students, they have had a significant influence on the lives of families and how they view the education of their children and future generations.

?Without exception, Independent Schools in New Zealand provide support in the form of scholarships and bursaries to as many ?priority? learners as they can. To take away a scholarship scheme for the very students this Government purports to support makes no sense at all,?

Labour are trying to justify their actions by saying it would be better for the money to go back into the general education fund. There are two deceptions in this:

1) That the education fund in a zero-sum situation and each dollar spent in one area trades off against another. That is nonsense.

2) That the money going back into the general fund will make a difference. Taking one child off an Aspire Scholarship, where they are very likely to be thriving, will place $3.08 cents per school back into the State system.

Hipkins is not only the Charter school hitman he has become the Private school wrecking ball. Rumour has it that he won’t even talk to the Independent Schools Association but as we have seen with his callous treatment of Charter schools that is his modus?operandi. He prefers to terminate?from afar as he has no desire to look into the eyes of his victims before he executes them.

Hitman: Education Minister Chris Hipkins plans to eliminate Partnership schools and recently terminated Aspire scholarships.
Credit: Luke

A fan of the Aspire scholarship scheme writes…

We know personally of many children and families who have generally extracted themselves from the rubble through the aspire scholarships. The funds will not even be noticed as they disappear into the black hole of the State system that relegates Maori, Pasfika and lower SES children/families to long-term disadvantage year in and year out.

On Monday this week, those involved were all informed that effective immediately there will be no Aspire scholarships for 2019 and that the funding allocated to the Aspire Scholarship Scheme will be reallocated to the funding pool of the state schools sector.

It?s going to be a very tough time for the private education sector under the Labour Government.