Face of the day

The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival has come under fire for using an image of a woman in a Native American headdress with a M?ori headband.

Today’s face of the day has had her feathered headdress censored/cropped by the MSM because of a complaint that led to the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival removing her image from their website. It was used to advertise their Feral Fashion competition.

Unsurprisingly, the humourless snowflake who complained is yet another academic who thinks that it is their duty to be ‘offended’ on behalf of others.

Your promotion showing a Pakeha woman wearing a Native American?headress?[sic] with a Maori?headband as symbolising “wildfoods” is appalling. This kind of appropriation has been actively challenged for many years. The?headress?is not a costume to sell your product or event it is a part of ceremonial cultural ways of being and for your organisation to demean it and to add Maori imagery is even more insulting.

-Leonie Pihama

They should have told Leonie that it is offensive for her to assume the woman’s race and gender and that, in fact, she identifies as a Maori-American Indian male from the Werrthfookrwee tribe.