Islamophobic micro aggressions: Yes, really

In response to my post about a Muslim student who refused to shake an Auckland University academic’s hand because of her religion, a reader emailed me and asked:

What would happen if every Christian laid a complaint every time a lecturer used “OMG”, “Jesus Christ” etc as an exclamation?

If you think that the above idea?would be a silly one then you may be surprised to learn that some Muslims are not backward about complaining about what they call microaggressions towards them, like the greeting, Merry Christmas.

Yes, really!

Personally, I am more interested in macro aggressions, like 9/11 and other terror attacks, but hey, what would I know? I am towards the bottom of the victimhood pyramid.

Progressive pyramid of victimhood status or Identity politics pyramid of value

On?last night’s show, guest-host?David Menzies?reported on the various definitions of “Islamophobia” being cooked-up by virtue-signaling groups.

Last year the Liberals passed?M-103, a motion that condemned “Islamophobia” without actually defining what that entails. Since then, Leftists and?Muslim organizations have been pushing dangerous definitions?that threaten free speech.

WATCH?this?video to see how saying ‘Merry Christmas’ could be construed as “Islamophobic”.